Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 39

i typed this at school!

You guys now i can't keep them broken up for long.....

Chapter 1

Chapter 39

by: ImBack_
----Justin's POV----
Brooke can't die. She wouldn't die. Why would god do that to me. I was pacing back and forth in the hallway.
"Justin?" Brooke's weak voice said from the end of the hallway.
She walked quickly but weakly towards me.
"Look." She said, putting both hands on my face. "I know you don't want me to do this but.....i'm not going to die. I promise." A smile formed on her lips.
"I'll marry you." She said, watching for my reaction closely.
I didn't even rush into it. I slowly leaned in and kissed her sweetly. Just perfect. Felt like our first kiss. The kiss didn't last long. I pulled away, and had my forehead touching hers.
I didn't have to say anything. Just looking into her eyes was everything.
I placed my arm around her.
"I'm not killing the baby." She said as we walked back to her room.
"Brooke!" I pleaded. I sounded like a little kid....begging for something.
"No!" She said the anger from before coming back. "I'm not going to do it! I'm JUST NOT! WOULD YOU BE OKAY WITH KILLING A HUMAN LIFE?"
"Brooke what if you do die?" I choked out. Her eyes had worry in them. It was very clear. i took both her hands in mine.
"Please?" I asked one more time. She didn't answer. She was looking off behind me, as the doctor was walking towards us.
"So....will you be getting the abortion?" She asked looking down at her clip board.
"No." Brooke said proudly. I looked over at her disappointed.
"Brooke! Get the abortion!"
"NO!" She shouted back at me. "I might die! So? I'd rather die, because i got to live some life then kill this baby that never got to live!"
I didn't have anything to say back at this point. I guess i should just spend the time i got with her. It hurts knowing what's coming.
It's going to be a shame that, our daughter might not have a mother.
They let brooke go home soon. It was pitch black, as we walked to the car.
I opened the door for brooke as she took a seat quietly, looking forward, even though all that was there was darkness. I'm on tour right now,and i don't get to see her that much. if 9 to 8 months is all we have.

My tour ends.....January. that leaves me with......3 months.

I didn't noticed but, i was frowning.
"Come on tour with me." I said starting the car. Brooke seemed different. She seemed more calm then she always is. Most of the time when i tell her something like this she freaks out.
"Why?" Was all she said back.
"Because......i want to be there. for you and the baby"
"Let's get married in November." She said, getting off the topic before.
I didn't ask why. But knew she was going to tell.
"I don't want a big belly when we get married." She finally looked at me.
"I'll look like a fat person."
I smiled at her.
"You're not fat, but we can arrange the wedding for November."
"Thank you!" She smiled looking down at her stomach.
"You could be a part of my tour, singing and stuff...."
"But." She looked down at her hands. "Jasmine's in your tour....what do we do about that?" She was pouting a bit, yet anger colored her eyes.
"You never did tell me what happened....with the kiss."
She said suddenly changing her face expression.
She caught me a bit off guard.
I sighed and looked at the road. We were at a stop light.
(Justin's explaining during the flash back)
"Where's Brooke?"
"Justin!" Jasmine Whispered. she was standing by the girls bathroom.
"She's in here!" i followed her into the bathroom to see No Brooke.
"Where's Brooke?" I asked a bit confused.
She pushed me back only to press her lips to mine.
"Ohh....." she said nodding her head knowingly.
"So come with me on tour?" i asked as the light turned green and all the others began driving. I drove off keeping my eyes on the road.
"Yeah, being on tour sounds fun!" She smiled.
Remember it's like...10pm. She placed her head against the window as we pulled up into my hotel place's parking lot.
"W-why are we here?" She asked a bit worried. "If you are coming on tour with me, and I'm leaving tomorrow."
"Doesn't it take time to get all that set up?" She asked as i parked the car. She quickly stepped out the car and shut the door. I stepped out then, shutting the door lightly. I walked up to her from behind. i wrapped my arms around her softly.
Everything is falling into bad it might end not that long from now.


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