poem #6 (i love you)

i wrote this 4 my gf.........i love you baby

Chapter 1


by: imawolf
before you came.
into my life.
my life was hell.
then you stepped in.
you fixed it.
took it all away.
you stole my heart.
i would have to write.
a million poems.
to make you know.
how much i love you.
i cant breathe without you.
your the greatest person.
iv ever met.
i hope that someday.
we can be together.
ill look into your eyes.
itll be just you and me.
well be in a place were...
the sun blends in with the ocean.
were we wont be bothered.
by the outside world.
you amaze me.
you leave me breathless.
your hair.
it flows like the ocean waves.
your eyes.
they take me away.
your perfect.
in every way.
so ill just keep waiting.
for you.


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