Two Little Dogs

One day, they had a great family. The next, it was ok. But then, everything went downhill.

Chapter 1

The Good Days

Brownie and Buttercup were living a wonderful life. They had comfortable beds, great amounts of food, and plenty of toys. Brownie's owner was Andrew Terrison, and Buttercup's owner was Alena Terrison. Andrew and Alena were twin brother and sisters,both 10 years old. They treated Brownie and Buttercup with the utmost care and respect. Each Christmas, The two dogs would get their own stockings filled with dog toys, bones, and their favorate canned dog food. Every night at dinner, the twins snuck food for them under the table, thinking that their parents didn't know, but really, their parents found out about them doing that the very first time they did that, but just didn't say anything. And out of all the holidays, Halloween had to be their absolute favorate holiday. Why, you ask? Because during night, Alena and Andrew feed their candy to the dogs. All except for chocalate, of course, witch can kill dogs. They were given many treats, and they could jump on and lay on the couch or the childrens beds. Yes, they were living the great life. Well, all until the day Mr. and Mrs. Terrison lost their jobs.


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