I thought i knew him

Hi there, i have decided to write a new story called "i thought i knew him", it's a girl named Alexis who likes this boy named george for a while, but then in junior-high, she realizes that the boy she liked, wasn't who she thought he was, and she gives up on wanting to go out with him, and then she becomes a little depressed... I'm not going to say what the whole story is about, because i don't to spoil anything, so here you go!

Chapter 1

I really like him

by: Icecreag
I woke up from my sleep on a school morning, and looked at the picture of my best-friend of four years, George. He is funny and cute and that's why i like him. When everyone is being mean to me, he sticks up for me, and shows everyone in the room that he cares about me. He is the funniest guy that i have ever met, and he's also one of the cutest boys i've ever met too! Well, i better hurry up and get dressed for school! I think i'm going to dress up all pretty to compete with the other girl that likes him. God i hate Hannah! She thinks that she is soo much better than everyone else, and she thinks that she is so cool and popular,just because she has a lot of friends! One of these days she is going to realize that she needs to stop being soo obsessed with herself and popularity! Anyway, i really shouldn't worry about hannah, her and george have already gone out for four years,and i don't think that they like each other like that anymore.

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