I thought i knew him

Hi there, i have decided to write a new story called "i thought i knew him", it's a girl named Alexis who likes this boy named george for a while, but then in junior-high, she realizes that the boy she liked, wasn't who she thought he was, and she gives up on wanting to go out with him, and then she becomes a little depressed... I'm not going to say what the whole story is about, because i don't to spoil anything, so here you go!

Chapter 2

The argument with her.

by: Icecreag
I got dressed in a pretty shirt, hoping to catch George's attention, and a pair of jeans that normally wear, some cute socks, and my awesome shoes! I grabbed my bag, purse, jacket, and walked out of my bedroom, closing the door behind me. I walk down the hall and turn to the left, entering the living room, sat my school bags and jacket in the chair that i usually sit in, and walked into the kitchen to get what i usually eat for breakfast:froot-loops. After i finished eating, i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, after that i walked out of the house and went up to the mailbox to wait for bus. When the bus arrived, i stepped on, and sat down in my assigned seat. On the ride to school, i started daydreaming about what ti would be like to date George. I imagined us holding hands and hugging each each other, and being so happy. When we arrived at school, my daydream ended sadly and i stepped off the bus and went into the cafeteria. After a tiring 1st period of p.e., i walked to my locker to grab the books that i would need for my next class. In the hallway, i spotted Hannah with about four boys near her, i could obviously see that she was enjoying having boys around her, and i cringed at the sight of her. One of the boys that was near her, just happened to look up at that moment, see that i cringing at Hannah, and told her what i was doing. She then walked up to me, at that point my face went back to being calm, until she said this: "What's your problem? I mean it's like your jealous because all of these boys love me and not you, i mean it's pretty obvious why they don't: you are ugly, weird, and you talk to yourself. Unlike me, i'm pretty, i'm smart, i don't talk to myself, i have real friends, and i'm perfect." she said with a smile. She was wearing makeup an she had her hair up in a ponytail with her bangs hanging down the sides of her face, wanting to draw attention to herself. I got really mad at her and said: "Oh yeah you just think that you're so perfect because you make straight A's, you have a lot of friends, you think boys love you and that they want to be you all of the time, and you think you're so popular, but really your not. S just snap out of that little fantasy of hers and get back to reality will you?" She replied back : "Oh yeah? Well at least i don't have a fantasy about me and George dating, which honey you need to give that up, because that will never happen!" I smiled and said : "Oh yeah? Just wait! Gorge will go out with me before the year is over!" Hannah: "Okay well, i'll just wait and see that dream never happen, and seeing you cry because george won't go out with you!" I then walked away and hurried off to my next class: keyboarding. I would show that girl whose right and whose wrong about what will happen with me and george!

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