I thought i knew him

Hi there, i have decided to write a new story called "i thought i knew him", it's a girl named Alexis who likes this boy named george for a while, but then in junior-high, she realizes that the boy she liked, wasn't who she thought he was, and she gives up on wanting to go out with him, and then she becomes a little depressed... I'm not going to say what the whole story is about, because i don't to spoil anything, so here you go!

Chapter 3


by: Icecreag
I walked into keyboarding class just a minute before the bell rang, and went to my seat. I sat down next to george, since he is my best-friend and i like him, and logged onto the computer. We were allowed to go onto a website where we play games, but we can't play music. That stinks, because if we were able to play music, i would play some michael jackson songs! (my character is a fan of mj in this story, i'm a fan of him in real life too!) Anyway, i noticed that george looked incredibly cute wearing a blue shirt, and i couldn't help but staring at him. One of his friends just happened to notice that i was staring a him, and she said "Aww isn't that sweet! You have a crush on George!" ( the girl just happened to be hannah) As soon as she said that, i turned towards my computer screen frozen and shocked! How could that girl do this to me? My heart started pumping fast in my chest, i was scared of what george was going to do and say! I looked over at george ( who was sitting on my left) to see what he was doing: He had his hands in front of his face, and he had his game paused. "Uh oh" i thought "This can't be good!" I then got mad when hannnah said: "Oh, did i say that out loud? My bad!" in a bratty little voice. I knew that she did that on purpose, because she wanted to embarrass me, and this was her way of making sure that me and george don't go out, which we probably won't now! I looked over at george, and he was back to playing his game. "Oh no! What if he never talks to me again? My life is over! I'm going to die of embarrassment!" i thought. The bell rang and everyone went to their second period class: science. I hope that george isn't mad at me!

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