I thought i knew him

Hi there, i have decided to write a new story called "i thought i knew him", it's a girl named Alexis who likes this boy named george for a while, but then in junior-high, she realizes that the boy she liked, wasn't who she thought he was, and she gives up on wanting to go out with him, and then she becomes a little depressed... I'm not going to say what the whole story is about, because i don't to spoil anything, so here you go!

Chapter 6

The big argument with hannah

by: Icecreag
The bell just rang for us to go to our next class, for me it's "Reading" class. As i was walking down the sidewalk toward the hallway where my sixth, seventh, and eighth period classes are. I walked to my 6th period class and sat down in my assigned seat. Oh great, here comes hannah up towards me, let's see what she's going to say:
Hannah: (in a bratty little voice)" So, did you like sitting by yourself?"

Did i like sitting by myself? Of course i didn't like sitting by myself! I know hannah likes it that i was sitting by myself, but i didn't!

Me:" What do you think you little over-obsessed brat! Of course i didn't like sitting by myself! I hate sitting by myself, because i feel so alone and i feel like no one cares about me!"

Hannah:"No one cares about you, that's why you are always sitting by yourself, because your ugly, weird, annoying and retarted! I'm miss perfect and everyone likes me, because of how pretty and un-annoying i am! That's why george went out with me and not you! He's never going to go out with you and you know that, so you might as well just give up on him, because it's never going to happen with you two! I always get the guys that i like, because i'm special and that's why god put me on this earth, plus i'm the smartest person in the entire class! Everyone else is stupid just like you!"

Me: (i'm really mad now!)"Listen hannah, just because you are pretty and smart, doesn't mean that you get to control everyone in this class or school, and you know it! God did not put you on this earth just so that you can flirt with guys and be the smartest one in the class! He had a reason for you to be on this earth, and one day you are going to find out what that reason is! So, get that through your bratty little head right now and stop acting like a princess, because you're not! You are not a princess, you just act like one, and that's not right!"

Hannah:" Oh yeah, then how come i'm friends with everyone in this class,and how come the teachers always pick me to work the problems, or guys are always around me and chasing me around? huh? i think that answer is simple, because i'm special!"

She walked off and sat down next to all of her friends and all of the boys in our class,just like she always does, just to bug me. I'm going to get her back one day and she will realize that she is wrong about everything, that's it's all in her head that she's all that.

I'm going to get my revenge and when i do, everyone is going to regret that they ever made fun of me or bullied me!

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