Love..Part 1

Love..Part 1

Hey guys I've decided to rewrite my story Love. So comment or send me an email if you want me to put in a new idea or something. So i hope you like it!:DD

Character Info: You have nice brown hair that's wavy and reaches mid back. You have violet eyes for some reason (:P). You're name is Lexi and your 15. Birthday is in February 14th (Valentines day!<33) and your best 'Physical' feature is your legs which are long. Your SLIGHTLY tanned.

Chapter 1

First day of school...ugh


When I met you my heart skipped a beat
The sun became the moon
and the cold turned into heat
Roses weren't red
Violets weren't blue
And it's all because I fell in love with you.

I wrote that in my notebook, as I sat on a bench waiting for school to start. It was the first day and I just became a sophomore. Last year I dreaded school since I was a freshman, but now I can try to blend in since I'm not a newbie anymore. I've never been popular, but I still have some friends. I love to write and draw while I sing. But i've never been in love. And I never want to. I know you probably think I'm crazy but It's true. All I know is that when you love someone dearly, they'll break your heart no matter how many times you're 'soulmate' tells you they love you. But that doesn't seem to stop me from writing about it. I'm a girl and I can still fantasize, as long as it doesn't happen.I looked up as I heard a familiar voice say "Lexi!"

I turned around to see my best friend Danielle come running to me wearing a tight pink T-shirt that says "You wish you were me." and some jean capris. She sat beside me and gave me a big hug. "I missed you so much! You look so pretty! Oh my gosh I had the best summer! I can't wait to see all the new hot guys!" She started babbling as I listened..somewhat. I love Danielle but sometimes all she talks about is boys boys boys. The bell clanged as she was talking about her ex Josh. "Let's get going" I say while hooking my arm through hers as we strolled through the front door. "School's going to be so awesome this year!" she practically screams in my ear. I doubt it I thought but smiled encouragingly (sp?) at her.

The day seemed to pass by quickly as the people around me chit chatted about their summer. I only had 1 class with Danielle and it was Bio which was the first period of the day. As I walked towards the cafeteria, scoping out Danielle, some jock pushed me out of the way saying "Watch where you're nerd." I fell over but strong, steady hands caught me. I looked up and saw the hottest guy i've ever seen. He had soft brown hair that flopped over his left eye. His blue eyes looked at me with so much concern for a stranger my heart warmed. He was tall about 6ft and had a lean body. He was dazzling. "Are you alright?" He asked worridly. "Y-yeah..I'm fine thanks...uh.." I mumbled "Trevor" He responded. "Oh, Thanks Trevor." I said looking up at him. "What's your name?" He said quizzically. "Lexi." I answered. "Nice name" Trevor said softly. I smiled at him. "You know I think he's a jerk." Huh? he must of seen my confused expression as he said "The dork who pushed you and called you a nerd. I don't think you're a nerd." He said winking at me. I must of blushed flamin' red, as he chuckled. His gorgeous pearly whites flashed as he stood me upright. I then felt something deep inside me, that I swore to myself to never let it happen. Love...


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