The Story of Us (Taylor Lautner Love Story.)

So here's a new story for my Taylor Lautner lovers,
if you want me to continue be sure to leave comments,
feel free to leave me any ideas you may also have for upcoming chapters, as well, thanks!
xo, Uneek.

Chapter 1

Aubrey Jane

/Audrey Jane Smith. 17.Graduated.Lives With Mom, Dad, Little sister Leah. In California. Goals = become an actress.
It's a Saturday afternoon and I decide I am in a beach mood, I call up my friend Alex and ask her if she wants to come to the beach she agrees and we're off to the beach. We tanned and got in the water and got bored and wanted some ice cream so we went to the closest ice cream shop and got my ice cream. I started to walk to a table but wasn't paying attention at all and ran into someone and knocked my ice cream and the persons ice cream out of our hands. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." I looked up to see a familiar face, not someone I knew personally-but someone I had seen on magazines, movies and tv shows; Taylor Lautner. I was amazed but yet embarrassed that I had never met him but the time I do, I knock his ice cream out of his hand. He flashed his famous smile "It's quite alright. I'm Taylor." He extended his hand out and I did the same thing. "Hi, I'm Aubrey." I said smiling, I felt eyes on me and knew exactly who it was, Alex. I turned around to see her eyes bugged out when she seen who I was standing with I turned back his way. "Taylor, this is my friend Alex. Alex I'm pretty sure you know who this is." They said hello to each other, and we made small conversation, Taylor walked away to get himself some new ice cream. "Dude you know how amazing this is- You. Aubrey Jane. Met-Taylor.Lautner!" Alex said, I just shrugged my shoulders it wasn't that big of a deal to me. Taylor came back over and sat down, a few minutes had went by and his phone was ringing apparently it was a text seeing how he looked at the phone and put it away. "I have to go,it was really nice meeting you guys!" Alex and I both waved at him and decided we should head back to our houses.
I walked into the door with my parents sitting on the couch, my Mom looked over to me. "Honey, find a nice dress to wear. We're going over to one of my friends house that I haven't seen in a very long time, and she has a son that is around your age" My Mother smiled at me. "Alright Mom.." geeze why does my Mom always have to try and hook me up with her friends sons?! i thought. I went upstairs to get ready and picked out a light pink off the shoulder dress, it was a little bit above my knees but not too short. I hopped in to the shower and got the beach smell off of me, got out curled my hair, put oh some make up and put my dress on, I loved the way it looked on me. I walked out of my room and out into the living room, my Mom was sitting at the dining room table waiting on my sister since of course she was the last one ready. "Come on Leah, your Dad is already in the car! We're all ready to go!" At that moment she came down the stairs and grabbed a jacket and walked out the door with us following behind her. The car ride was full of stories of my Mom and her friend that we were going to see, we finally arrived to her friends house and it was fairly big, we went to the door and I rang the door bell, the door opened. And there he was.....

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