Human Pet

This is about an only child who wishes he wasnt an only child, while him and his bestfriend our hanging out that see a shootstar. Connor doesn't really believe in magic or anything. So Connor and his friend decide to wish on it just for fun. After he makes the wish somehow his pet cat turn human. Not knowing his cat was turned human he were the strange kid came from, everyone has there own wonders of where he came from.

Chapter 1

Book for the past

Mom, Im home. Connor shouted as he walked into the front door. Connors mom, Ms. Richardson was in the kitchen preparing dinner. How was school? she replied, but Connor was already dashing up stairs. As soon as he was in his room he dropped his book bag on the floor. He took out a small amber colored book from his bottom left drawer. Property of Connor Richardson was carved on the cover page of the journal. Connor remembers the first time he ever written in the journal. His dad gave it to him as gift on his 9th birthday. He opened it, he hadnt written in it for about a year now. There were a bunch of short fiction stories. All the stories he had written, were about family. The main character always had siblings, they were never an only child. Connor sometimes wished he was one of the main characters of his stories. After an hour Connor finished reading every story he had wrote in the book. Before he knew it, his mother called him down for dinner. I made you favorite, and I have a special surprise for dessert, Connor mother said. Yum, Spaghetti with your special tomato sauce, he said. So how was school dear? his mother asked. Fine, we had two volunteer come help our class, they were sisters, twin sisters. Connor said. Well thats nice, she said back. After Connor got done eating, the doorbell rung. Connor, why dont you go wash up, while I get the door. She asked. Connor put his plate in the dishwasher and started heading up stairs. Connors mother opened the door, and it was Connors father. Connors mom and dad got a divorce a year ago. Connor hasnt fully forgiven his for leaving him. There was a brief pause between Connors mom and dad. Connor mother had the first words Hi Owen, Thank you for coming she said. Yes, anything for Connor, he said putting emphasis on Connors name. Meanwhile Connor was up stairs, running bath water. As Connor got into the bathtub, some of the water over flowed and plopped onto the floor.


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