Love..Part 3

Love..Part 3

Heyy! Here's part 3 :) Hope u like xP..
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Recap: Met Trevor, megan told u he was hers and you blacked out.

Chapter 1

First Kiss

Beep Beep

Ughh...... What happened? I sat up groggily(sp?) and looked around squinting my eyes. "Your finally awake!" I heard a familiar voice say, beside me. I jumped up in fright and put my hand on my heart. I turned around and saw Trevor standing over me concern in his eyes. "Jeez, scare me much?" I asked him. "Oh sorry, It's just you've been out for the past week and I was happy that you're finally awake." He said with relief. Aww.. he's so cute! "Oh well thank's fo-" WAIT WHAT? "I'VE BEEN OUT FOR A WEEK?" I yelled. Trevor looked at me with surprise, not expecting me to yell. "What happened to me?" I asked him. "Well, you had a fight with Megan and then she threw a basketball at you, and it hit you in the head and you fell over almost smashing your skull." "So I had a concussion?" I asked, fearing that their might be something wrong with me now. "Yeah, and Megan's suspended for 2 weeks too." Sweet.. "Wait what day is it?" "Its Saturday, and their letting you out if you want." "Sure, what do you want to do?" I replied eagerly. "Well how about we just go to my house and talk?" "Sounds good." I said. "Well Im gonna go tell the nurses you want out, and you can just go change kay? "Yep." Trevor turned around and walked out of the room. I got up and dressed quickly, I looked into the mirror and shrieked. A nurse quickly came in, Trevor close behind her, and asked "What's wrong dear?" "My Hair!" I said back. I looked at Trevor and saw he was trying to stifle a laugh. The nurse just looked at me like I was crazy, but eventually said "There's a comb under the sink, call me if you need anything else." she walked away but not without glancing one last time at me like I was mental. I reached down and found a comb, trying to brush through my tumbleweed hair. Ugh.. ill never get these knots out. I must of said it outloud, as Trevor walked behind me, grabbed the comb and said "Here I'll help you." His hard hands filled with callouses, from god knows what, somehow managed to make my hair normal in no time. I grabbed my jacket, tugged on Trevors hand and left the hospital.

"So to your house?" I asked him "Yep, to my house" he answered softly smiling at me. I went over to his porsche carrera (how the hell does he have this? He's not even legal age!) and dove into the nice, comfy leather passenger seat. I breathed in and his car smelt like him. Musky but with a hint of mint. Mmmm I thought, smiling devilishly. I stared out the window thinking about what I'd do once we got to Trevor's house. About ten minutes later the car slowed down, then stopped in front of a huge house. "Wow" was all I could say (pathetically). I trailed behind Trevor looking at the magnificent garden. It had colors that were so bright it hurt. I looked up to see Trevor watching me with a amused smile on his face. I blushed he probably thinks im a moron now. I walked up the steps and went inside. Their was a ginormous chandalier in the front hall, and some other crazy expensive stuff. I just stood their my mouth gaped open, searching for a word to say. Trevor just chuckled and took me upstairs to his room. I was surprised to see it was just like my room, messy but cozy, instead of clean and polished like the rest of the house. I flung myself on the bed, then sat upright as I patted the seat beside me. Trevor sat beside me and said "So what do you want to do?" "Well I-" I was cut off as Trevor leaned in and kissed me!

I just stood their rigid for about 5 seconds, before I snaked my arms around his neck. He put his hand's on my back pressing me closer, if that was possible. His lips tasted like strawberries. I like strawberries I thought smiling. He broke away, his grin like sunshine. " Thought we could talk" I blurted out finishing my sentence. His smile grew bigger and he said "Lexi?" "Yeah?" I replied curiously "Do you know what I want to do?" He asked mischieviously (sp?) "What?" "This" He gently caressed my cheek and leaned in very slowly.. "Trevor?" "Yea, babe?" Babe... I likey. "That...uh.. was my first kiss." Trevor backed up suddenly, looking at me with wide surprised eyes. "Seriously?" then (of course) he burst out laughing. "Its not funny!" I angrily said, standing up. Trevor then abruptly stopped laughing, as if someone turned off a switch. He stood up and wrapped me in his long, warm arms. "Hey, im not laughing at you!" "Then why were you laughing?" I said, clearly not forgiving him..yet. "It's just.." "Yes?" "That was my first kiss too.." I turned around staring at him, shocked. "Really?" I mumbled "Yea, and it was amazing." I blushed. "I love making you blush" He said looking at me with love. I blushed harder. "Stop it!" I said playfully. He took hold of me suddenly, and lied down on the bed. "Wha-" "Shh..." He said smoothing down my hair and kissing my forehead. I relaxed, and in no time fell asleep in his welcoming arms.

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