~Magical Lies~ [a Hogwarts Story]

This is my Sec. hogwarts story. Please be nice and dont worry about commenting, im just gonna keep writing, i dont need a certain amout of comments or anything. The main characters name is Saranaya [Sare-U-Nie-uh]

[P.S. all the reg hogwarts characters are not in this story, ive just made up new people, except for Sirius Black and bellatrix and you know who. lol :D. And its the main characters third year]

Chapter 1

Logan Pikket

"Mistress Saranaya must not be late! Her parent's have told Kreacher this many times..." Said Kreacher, our family's house-elf.
"I'm coming Kreacher, don't rush me!" I spit back. Kreacher gave a mighty, 'Hrumph!' then ushered next to me to help me with my trunk. I finally got it onto the platform, [It had somehow stuck inbeetween the platforms.] and wheeled it to the train.
"Kreacher," I said sweetly, "give Dad my love, alright?"
Kreacher gave a slow, solemn nod, and waved to me as I boarded the train.

It was completely humiliating of course, that my own house-elf had to take me to the train, because my Dad could'nt come out of hiding. My father is the notourious Sirius Black. It really is a bummer, because this year, students who have permission forms could go into the village of Hogsmeade on weekends. And of course my father couldn't sign it, because that would mean, I knew where he was. The reason this is so bad is because he's supposed to be on the run, somewhere in a dark Transylvanian forest, or atleast that's what Rita Skeeter thinks. And my only other family that's alive is my Aunt Bellatrix. And SHE'S in Azkaban, the wizard prison, for being a Death-Eater. So it looks like I won't be going to Hogsmeade on weekends.

I had finally found the right compartment. I slid open the doors to reveal my two best friends, Liliana Oswill and Tanya Bobix, who were also Slytherins, like me. Liliana has long, straight black hair and big, hazel eyes. Tanya had short, curly red hair, and beautiful jade-green eyes, which always looked as though they had make-up on them, even when they didn't. Across from them sat a boy whom I had never met before. He had tan skin, and dark brown, short hair and huge chocolate brown eyes. I immediantley fell in love with those eyes. I stared into them, not daring to blink, afraid they would disapear if I did.

I snapped back to reality when Liliana gave a small, false cough. I sat down next to the boy, who hadn't take his eyes off of me since he had first seen me. "Uh, Saranaya? This is Logan Pikket, He's just been transfered here from Durmstrang." Tanya said loudly.
"Oh! Well, Im Saranaya Black." I said kindly.
His eyes widened. "Are you related to Sirius Black?" He asked.
I looked at Tanya and Liliana, who exhanged nervous looks. They were the only ones who knew Sirius was my father.
"Um, no." I said simply and quickly. "Must be a coincedence."
"Oh." He said, his mood lighting considerabley.
We talked for hours and hours.
"And so, right as the Ridgargle pulled out a claw- Oh look, were here." Said Logan, looking out the window. It was true. We arrived at Hogwarts, and now all of us were grabbing our trunks and dragging them towards the docks.
"Firs' Years this way!" Shouted that enourmous oaf, Hagrid.
I lead Logan into one of the boats and we set off.
"Your gonna like it here." I said with a smile.
He smiled back and winked at me.
Again, I fell into a trance looking into his brown eyes.
I knew at once that I liked Logan very much, almost loved him.
My Logan.

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