Lost at the Shore...

Lost at the Shore...

My First Story On Quibblo!!
Plot: a much needed vacation from school (college), to a place you had only heard about but not yet had the chance to visit, starts off as "The Time of Your Life" and shortly turns into a nightmare! "Friends, fun, and future" transforms into "Lust, Lies, and Loneliness".....(possibly)
Characters: Rylan (you... as the main character), Rene, Channel, and Shayla (your best friends/classmates)
Vincent, Paul, Alex, Chase, and Ricco (group of guys yall meet)

Chapter 1

Flight Plans

Thursday: March 16, 2010

BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP!!! With your eyes still shut, you roll over and frantically search for your phone to hit the snooze button...for the third time! "Oh Sh(i)t", you yell out loud when you realize the time. "Uggh im late again...i hate morning classes!" You jump out of the bed like a ninja and get ready as fast as you can. On your way to pick up Channel, you think to yourself 'why in the h(e)ll did i let her talk me into taking morning classes? You pull up to Channel's dark red brick apartmants and you see her standing in the parking lot, not looking too happy! You park your car and Channel gets in... and slams the door! "I smell an attitude coming from your direction..." you say, not even looking at her. "You do know that when your late, IM LATE! Unlike you, i like to be on time!" she says really dramatically! You just laugh and say, "Well YOU know the bus runs on a very strict schedule... maybe you should look into getting around that way!" (Channel still angry) "Why are you being such a ggrouch anyway? Its our last day of class and then its SPRING VACATION!! You should be excited!!" you say in attempt to change Channel's mood. "Whatever..." Channel says as she turns up the radio to end the conversation. You dont say anything else to Channel the whole way to school. Then finally when yall arrive she looks at you with a smile. "Ry.. i cant believe you told me to ride the bus!!" Channel says with a smile in her voice but a serious face. "Haha, you know that was a good one!" you add, laughing at you own joke. "B(i)tch!!" Channel sarcastically snickers! You and Channel walk into class about 5 minutes late. Lecture... lecture... lecture... and class is over! After class you and Channel meet up with Rene and Shayla for lunch. After exchanging hugs and hellos everyone places their orders and conversation begins... "Soo.. has everyone arranged their flights? Time is ticking and i would hate for us to have to fly seperately..!" you ask. "Ya i did.." Rene says. "Me too..." Shayla adds."Umm..." Channel says with a weird look on her face. "Umm WHAT?" you, Rene, and Shayla yell in unison! "Well im not so sure i wanna go anymore!" Channel confessed. "What the h(e)ll do you mean youre not sure?" nothing but attitude came in Rene's voice. "We been planning this trip for two months and now all of a sudden you change your mind..." Shayla says with curiosity. "Idk... its just... ive never really left California.. and im kinda scared! like what if something happens, like those women getting snatched up by rapist and stuff!! And Florida is far away..." Channel explained. "are you serious!?! Channel... you act like were staying forever, its just 3 weeks!" Shayla snaps. "Ya i know, but i will also have to miss like 3 classes!" Channelcomplained. "Ughh Freak!" Rene whispered to herself! Shayla pinches Rene's leg under the table... she heard the comment! "Look Channel... this opportunity wont happen again anytime soon! We have go while we have the chance. We dont even have to spend money on a hotel... my aunt and uncle arent using their beach house this year so were staying there!" Shayla impiles. "Your being dramatic Channel!! you add. "Sooooo are you going or what? Because if your not..." Rene starts... with attitude. "Uhhh... here comes our food!" you interrupt Rene before she can say anything rude. Everyone eats their lunch with little conversation and some awkwardness. As everyone finishes up their food you break the silence, "Sooo... is everyone all packed?" "Ive been packed for weeks!" Shayla announces. "You know im packed! Haha... i have a bikini for everyday were there!!" Rene says proudly. "So whos gonna come help me pack and find a flight?!" Channel asks the group. "Really Channel? Dont play!" you say with excitement. "Yea beacause we dont have time for games!" Shayla snaps in a playful way. "Im so serious guys... lets go to my house and get busy!" Channel says. With that, everyone leaves the restaurant , you and Channel go in your car and Rene and Shayla go in Renes car. Shayla looks over at Rene driving. "Why didnt you say anything when Channel asked if we wanted to help her, you just sat there looking the other direction?" "I dont know!" Rene lied.Shayla pretends to sneeze! "Ohh sorry... all that bullsh(i)t sets off my allergies!1" Rene laughs and says "Idk...She just bugs me sometimes, She can be real uptight, ya know? I mean whhy do yall care so much whether she goes or not?" "Umm because shes our friend, DUHH!" Shayla say defensively. "Ya i know, but you know as well as i do, shes not gonna want to do everything we want to do!" Rene explains. "Your right but shes our friend and we want her there!" Shaya say. "I guess.." Rene says with a breathy exhale.

You and Channels convo in the car
"Am i the only one that noticed Rene's silence when you asked if we wanted to help you?" "Shes like that allt the time with me... I could careless though! Shes just jealous!" Channel admitted. "Do you hear yourself right now?! Who are you and what did you dowith Channel?" you exclaimed. "Idk Ry, you and Shayla never seem to notice her attitude with me! I mean what did i ever do to her?" Channel adds. "Attitude?? Come on... thats just her personality!!" you chuckle. "Well shes giving me special treatment then!" Channel says with a serious tone. "Look, idk what the deal is with you two but i want this trip to be nothing but fun, exciting adventure, and tan hotties! So plaese leave the dramatics at home...k!!" you say with a playful/seriios tone. "B(i)tch... Dont lecture me!" Channel says with a laugh. "Whatever!" you shoot back. You all arrive at Channels apartment and go inside. "It looks more boring than the last time i was here..." Rene laughs to herself. Shayla nudges Renes arm. Channel ignores Rene's rude comment and ushers everyone to her room to help her pack her things. "Ry could you go online and find me a flight on the same plane as yall?" Channel asks. "Ya sure..." you answer. While they are packing, you get on the computer and search for the flight. "Where do you think your going with all these grandma clothes? Wee aree goooingg tooo Miiiiaaami.... Doooo youuu underrrstannndd?!?" Shayla laughs making fun of Channel. "GRANDMA CLOTHES?? my clothes are cute..." Channel yells. (Channel is really conservative) "Ya shay... they're cute!" Rene adds sarcastically. "See... thanks Rene!" Channel says. "Mhmm...anytime!" Rene nods. You can hear the conversation behind you and you notice Rene encouraging Channel to pack her grandma clothes instead of her cute clothes... maybe Channel is right... maybe Rene is jealous of her? But, you say nothing! Instead, you decide to book Channel's seat on the plane right next to Rene, hoping that they can settle their differences before landing in Miami! But of course, you dont tell them that...
The next morning you and Rene meet for a late lunch and last minute shopping for Miami. "OMG, Ry look at this dress! We have to get matching ones!" Rene says very excited! The dresses were gorgeous; they were plain black dresses with one sleeve and the other shoulder out and just short enough to show off your amazing legs! "i love it! Im gonna call Channel and Shayla to see if they want one too, so we all can match!" you say thoughtfully. "HUH!?! Uhh i dont think so Rylan. This is for us, not Shayla, and definitely Channel! Shayla couldnt pull something like this off anyway and Channel... forget about it! Rene screams. "Geeez what is with you!!" you say with a half laugh, not sure how to feel about Rene's reaction. Lately Rene has been more vocal about the tension between her and Channel, and noone knew why. The next morning was the big day! You decided it would be easiest if everyone stays at your house that night so you can drive to the airport in the morning.

The Flight
"Ok, looks like me and Shayla are right here...and Rene, you and Channel are sitting over here.." you say looking at everyones tickets, pretending not to notice anything wrong. Shayla and Channel take their seats with no problem, but Rene grabs your arm to get your attention and whispers..."What the h(e)ll is going on Ry?" "Haha... Rene what are you talking about?" you ask innocently. "You know what im talking about; I know you did this on purpose" Rene starts. "Thats what you get for being so rude lately! Get over it!" you tease! "Whatever..!" Rene rolls her eyes, and you both turn to go to your seats. From your seat you cant her Channel and Rene's conversation, but from the looks of it, Rene is being nice...what a relief! After the 4 1/2 hour flight, the plane lands. The pilot announces the date, time, and city (Saturday; March 18, 2010, 12:15pm, Miami, Florida) as everyone stands, stretches, and begins to gather all their things to exit the plane. "Ohh man, i need a nap!" Channel complains. Everyone turns to Channal at the same time with a disgusted look. "You might as well turn around and get back on the plane and go home, there will be no sleep and absolutely no naps on this trip." you snap. Rene looks at Shayla with an 'i told you so' face. As everyone waits for their luggage to come around, a tall, skinny but very attractive guy comes and stands next to you to wait for his bags. "Whos the cutie to your left? Was he on the plane with us...? Shayla asks pointing her head in the cute guys direction. "I dont know, but hes not my type! Maybe we can get him to talk to Channel" you suggest."Haha, perfect!" Shayla responds. Before you could set your plan in motion, he turns to you and shayla and begins to speak. "Omg, your hair is sooo cute girl!! And those shoes... love it!!" he says in a very flamboyant accent!!


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