Under Age & Out Of Control (32)

Is Brian taking the chance of trying to reconnect with Bri now that Damion is gone for a while?

Chapter 1

A Patient Of Eternity

After I finally got my shower without any more surprises, me and Damion went down stairs for breakfast.
He didn't have to leave until twelve to get on the plane so we had a plan to spend the rest of our time together. We decided we'd go to the park. Somewhere quiet just to get away for a while.
~The Park~
We sat on the bench watching everyone around us. A guy was playing with his dog. A few kids were running and playing. A few couples were like us, laying arm - in - arm in the warm sun despite the rather cool day. And an older woman sitting next to the lake feeding the ducks.
"Do you know if you'll be back for Christmas?" I asked Damion. "I don't know. But I promise with all of my heart, I'll be home in time for our wedding. Nothing will keep me away for that day." He smiled. I fought the tears and smiled. I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my forehead. I didn't want him to leave but I knew family came first and his parents wanted to spend time with him before he got married.
"Your not going to Nevada and find some cowgirl are you?" I smiled. He laughed lightly. "No. It won't take long for me to be an outlaw there too. I'm going out good when I leave there." He said. I laughed. "Only you. There is no rest for the wicked. Do you know that?" I asked. "I'm the king of the wicked and I have my queen right here." He said taking my hand. "I'm not sure if I want to be queen of the wicked. That's evil. You know I'm nice." I joked. "Your right. Your my queen of the wicked with white wings." He said. "I can't have black wings? That's so much cooler." I replied. "No you can't have black wings! White looks so much better on you." He said. I crossed my arms and teased like I was pouting. "Don't be like that. You know you won't be mad long." He said with a slight smile. I kept acting like I was pouting. He knew how to melt my heart. He smiled my favorite crooked smile and looked up at me. I was turned around on the bench. He stood up on the bench on his knees and tried to lick me like a dog. I fell back on the bench giggling. "Quite doofess!" I giggled. He was to busy laughing to listen to me. "You idiot!" I laughed. Then he leaned down and kissed me. "Excuse me." I heard a girl say. Me and Damion looked. We sat up. "I'm working on a assignment in my school and I was wondering if I could get a few pictures of the two of you? I know this is totally random and you wouldn't know me from Eve but I'm working on a photography paper called 'The Story Behind The Love' and seeing the two of you, you just seem perfect for my story. The love between you guys is just so.... words can't describe it. I can just feel the love from you two." The young woman explained. I looked at Damion then back at her. "Sure." We said together. "Ok. Can you like sit like this with your arms around his neck and your arms around her waist?" She asked directing how she wanted us to sit. "Sure." I said. "Ok. Can you like put your foreheads together and stare deeply into each others eyes?" She asked. We done like she asked and she snapped the picture. "Thanks so much! You have saved me so much time!" She exclaimed. "No problem." Damion said. "Ok. Is it ok if you tell me how you met and stuff? You can totally make stuff up and your free to tell me to mind my own business." She said. "No. Its ok. But you might want to write it down because it may take a while." I said.
After we told our story of how we met, the girl left and thanked us over and over again. "Well, its almost time for me to leave." Damion said. My heart sunk. My eyes watered while I fought the tears. "I love you. I'll be waiting for you when you get back. I'll be patient." I said. He stood up and so did I. "And I promise I'll be home soon. You won't have to wait long. I promise." He said wrapping his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. We tightened our arms around each other. I didn't want to let go. "I love you so much." He whispered in my hair. "You know I love you more than anything in this world." I said. "I'll call when we get there or tonight." He said. We pulled away from the hug against our will. "Do you want me to drive you home?" He asked. "No. I'm going to stay here a while." I said. "But I'm walking with you to your car." I continued. "Ok." He said. He took my hand and we started for his car. Our grip on the others hand was so tight.
"I love you." I said. "I love you, too." He said. He kissed me before he got in the car. I watched as he drove off. Tears trickled down my face. I waved bye until I couldn't see his black mustang anymore. I wanted to collapse there but I wouldn't. I was ready to cry. But I wasn't going to. I choked it back. "Bri? Honey, are you ok?" I heard Moni's soft voice ask. I turned around. "Huh? Yeah. I'm fine." I lied. "He left. Didn't he?" She asked. I nodded. I couldn't say it. She put her arm around me. "He will be back soon. The time will fly." She said. "I know but this is the first time we've been apart since we've been dating. We've always been together some how. Even when we've been passed out or something." I said. My voice broke a little. "Don't worry. He'll be back soon." She comforted.
~A Week Later~
I was sitting outside of school writing in my notebook waiting for the bell to ring. I talked to Damion every night. He would talk until I started falling asleep then he would laugh and say goodnight and I was able to sleep better then. I would huddle down in my covers and I could still feel his arms around me.
"Hey." I heard a familiar male voice say. But not the voice I wanted to hear. I looked up. It was Brian. "Hey." I smiled. "What are you doing?" He asked sitting down in front of me. "Just... drawing. Nothing basically." I answered. He chuckled. "If your drawing then that means your doing something." He said. "I guess. Its still basically nothing though." I replied. A few seconds of silence past. I knew it was time to tell Brian the truth. "Brian. I need to tell you something." I said. He looked at me. His eyes searching mine while he waited for me to say what I had to say. "I...." I trailed off.


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