Mystery Vampire.

Mystery Vampire.

This story is what i created. Its about Twilight. In this story it has
a seceret Vampire would it be good or would it be bad? Find out more by
reading! sorry i am new so i hope this is not bad. Please comment i would like to know what you think of it!
Thanks :)

Chapter 1

Bella Sees another Vampire

by: Curly
I Drove onwards in the darkness. I was on my way home back to my family. The cullens. Well soon they would be. I want to see my Gorgouse Edward. Edward who i agreed to marry went out to hunt. I hope he's home. I saw a dark shadow in front of me. I almost crashed. But luckily i pressed the brake quite hard. I got out to see who it was then i just remembered being covered up in a black blindfold so i could not see. Then when i regained consciness there were a dark shadow loomed over me. I tried to speak but i could not as i have a gag in my mouth. The drak shadow turned the light on and i finally could see who it was. A vampire! His face is pale, cold as ice and his eyes were red as fire. The Dark Vampire finally Said:
"well well, a human i have not had any good food recently. Oh sorry i must introduce myself. I am Vincent. I am a enemy of the Cullens as i found out you're going to be one of them." Vincent took the Gag of me and i tried to scream but vincent was too quick. He put his cold hand over my mouth and let go. I said:
"What do you want?"
"Ahh. That matters occurs. I want to put it, your Fiancee? I believe its Edward?" Vincent smirked.


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