Scene Me Yet? (A Jacob Black Love Story

Name Kayla Liz Carroll
Daughter Blair
Bestie Avril the Acid

Chapter 1

Kickya Kayla

by: RoxxyBabe
Flipping your blonde and black no in between shade with pink highlights hair over your shoulder you sing along to the song Gunpowder And Lead by Miranda Lambert. "I'm gonna show you what little girls are made of......... Gunpowder And Lead!" You sing along. Then you call out to one of your BFF's, "Avril!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Acid Avril!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your little Skinny butt over here unless you want your black hair and pale complexion covered in Acid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Kickya, chill. Blair was hungry. I was getting her some apple juice. And it's not like you can give her enough attention of an entire family." There was a loud cry. I jump up Avril taking the wheel. "Blair? Blair? Are you o.k.? Where did you go?" Blair is seven and your twenty. she turns around obviously looking for you and you sneak up behind her throwing her into your lap.

"Chill out. I mean seriously since Matt the Goth broke up with you it's like get over here blah blah blah blah.............." Avril says playing with her bunny ears head band. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I wanna see our room!!!!!!!!!!! i bet it's Shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Hunny Bunny Acid? We are not sharing a room. We are knocking down all the walls on the top floor thing so we can have a giant sea green bedroom. With a separate room for Blair. And my design studio." I am an interior designer. its my thing. i just picture it and make it happen. I was moving to the no-where town of La Push Washington for the sake of Blair. Avril was my only real friend because everyone thought i was an idiot getting pregnant when i was almost 14. Avril was the only one who stuck by my side. She knew my ex had forced me. Now after 7 years he suddenly wanted to be a part of Blair's life. Not falling for it. Blair had had enough pain going through life without a dad. I left before he could.

Blair is only seven. A cute little girl. We were exactly the same. She gets suspended from school for fights. Just like i used to. She has blonde and black hair with the pink streaks i let her dye. she smiled and was friendly, color blind and green eyes. At least i've been told. About the colors i mean. Good being color blind stinks. She even had my birthday. May 22.
I pull in the RV to a gravel road bracing Blair on my lap for the bumps. Though it was three in the afternoon,Blair slept. just like me, she couldn't resist sleeping in a car. "Acid, its the one three up on the right with Carroll's Faith and Hope on the door. Random right?"she distractedly nodded. As I moved Blair onto my other hip, and a Quileute boy came out from the little red house next door. I adjusted Blair's hat, then he ran over. "Hi I'm Jacob Black but you can call me Jake. You must be the newbies. The Carroll's right?""Yes," I respond how my mother taught me using proper grammar. unless in front of Avril, I always did. So did Blair. "I'm Kayla but my friends call me Kickya. Get the idea. just in case it means i'll kick you eight states away if you mess with me. And this is Blair my daughter. How old are you? you look like 20-something. I'm 20." "Me too. i come from a tall family. Who's the girl hiding in the RV?" "Oh Acid!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your but out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Acid?" "The only threat she responds to is i'll push your face and hair into Acid and then she'll respond." "What ie?" She pops out. "Hi Jacob!!!!!!!!!! What I have good hearing." "Jake meet Acid Avril. Oh, and look who's waking up!!!!!!!!! Come on, Blair meet Jake. Jake Blair. Then You've met the whole group." Blair looks his frame up and down as if appraising if he was worth our time. "Hello, nice to meet you Jake. Would you like to come over our house for dinner? I'm sure Acid and Kickya will agree." She continued seeing our approving nods. 'We will be having Flaming Yon and Martinis. Or for me, Soda with a tiny spike." I bump her laughing at our inside joke. Martinis to her were fruit punch extra fruit and a side of french fries. Weird much? Yeah! "Go with it" I whisper to him.


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