Something new (a love story! for all u lovers of love!)

If you want me to write another chapter tell me, if you dont like it speak out, if you think i should work on something let me know, if you just absolutely love it i will not be mad if you tell me. Just coment, all i want is to hear your opinion bout it all.

Chapter 1

Cool crowd

It was horrible being ignored. Its not like she wasnted to be part of the cool crowd or anything but she didnt want people to show some sign that they knew she was there. They never did though. Leah was just a shadow not to be seen by any of them.

But then again there were worse things then not being seen. Leah could be made fun of, and so much more that she sees getting done to people at her school. She is glad she is not one of them though she doesnt really have much for people to make fun of. She had chestnut hair that was wavy that fell to the middle of her back, skin that was naturally a carmel color, her eyes were very dark brown like the color of melted chocolate. She was average height and curvy. She thought she was rather pretty.

It was lunch and she was watching the cool crowd laugh over something, she had no idea what. She didnt really care, probably something the whole school would know about soon enough. Leah watched her best friend Amy try to walk over to the table I was at while passing them. They stopped her in her tracks when she accidently ran straight into Prissa.

Amy's blue eyes went wide as she stumbled over apologys. Leah stood up as she saw Prissa push her. Before Leah knew if she was standing by Amys side and glaring down at the girl that dare push her friend. She laughed at Leah being there, "look its goody goody Leah here to pretect her pathetic friend. how predictable."

It was true that Leah was there alot in attempt to try and help Amy, "you got a problem here? Why dont you talk to me about it."

"Wow, now I'm scared. Oh wait a minute, I'm not. Just go back to your corner
and dont talk to us." Prissa sat down and Leah started out to leave.

Someone grabbed Leah's hand and she looked to see it was the jerk of a jock Luke. He took off her gold bracelet, "and since you caused us so much trouble I am going to be keeping this. i can give it to my date tonight, bet it will get me in her pants alot faster then me just talker to her."

Leah glared at him and walked away. Once was back to her normal seat she glared at Amy, "what were you doing going through there?! You know they love getting there hands on you, your probably there favorite victom."

"I know, its just it was faster then the usual way so I decided to take the risk." She said simply her blonde hair falling in her face.

"well no more taking risks! I wont always be there to help you get through all of this. Promise me no more risks wether i am there to save you or not."

She sighed, "I promise."

Leah sighed, "good."

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