Serial Killer of My Heart

Serial Killer of My Heart

Criminal Minds Fanfiction :D

Chapter 1

The Beginning

I looked up from writing in my journal as the plane bounced to a stop, I never slept when I was on the BAU plane, and I mostly read or did some writing. I looked up and seen Spencer open his eyes, I then turned my attention back to my book. I sighed know that the team and I had put one more psycho path in the ground or behind bars, in this guys case behind bars. “Hey Prentiss” Morgan said from in front of me as we all stood up and gathered our things.
“Yea Morgan?” she asked as I placed my book in my bag and stood there, and looked at Morgan, who was smiling at me, knowing he could see the bags under my eyes. “Let’s go out tonight. Come on Reid, Garcia, Smith and I are going out… lets got have some fun.” He said with that playboy smile that could get him any girl in the world. That’s what I liked about Morgan he was like my brother and he knew the smile to give me to make me melt in his dark colored hands. Morgan has been the 1st friend I had made in the BAU beside my father, David Rossi. They always called my father, Big Rossi, and then me, Little Rossi.
“I don’t know Morgan. Hey Rossi you going to come with us?” she asked me as we all unloaded the plane and walked toward the airport. I was the only Rossi this team trip, I looked over at her as Spencer, I, Morgan and Emily walked toward the exit. “No… I have a few things I need to take care of. I have to get back to my dead fish.” I said with a smile, and Morgan laughed and then threw his arm around my shoulder. Morgan was the best thing to happen to me beside Zach. Morgan and I had been in College together and graduated the top of our class.
“Those poor fish how many have you gone through?” he asked me with a twinkle in his eye. He knew my track record with fish as well as my track record with guys, not too long in my defense. “12 and ½ I had a small little fish and it died and hour after I got it, didn’t even make it to the freaking bowl died in the car” I said with a smile. That was the day my Niece had gone to Wal-Mart and got it for me. I went to get it from her and on the car ride back to my house, it died, dead as a door nail.
“You know the life span of a fish?” chimed in Spencer as we walked toward the exit. Spencer was always telling us none useful facts but that’s what I was drawn to him for, his very cute nerdiness that I was attracted too. Morgan and Zach, where the only ones who knew that I liked Spencer and I had threatened them many time and they haven’t told him.
“Spencer you have told us before the life span of a fish.” I answered and looked over at him and his curly hair. He grinned at me and pulled at his shoulder bag. Derek, Emily, Spencer, Aaron and I were the only ones on the last case because my dad, David, couldn’t make it because he had something to do for the FBI, Zach couldn’t make it because he had fractured his wrist on the last case and JJ stayed back with Penelope to work the case from here in Virginia. Aaron has driven back yesterday to be with Jack.
“Well guys we are home for now” I said as we exited the airport to our personal cars locked away. I walked over to my car and got in it, with my cell phone thrown in the seat, I waited for everyone else to leave. I then drove away behind Morgan; I had not been home in over two weeks. I had missed home but I never got comfortable at my house because I knew the moment I would relax the BAU awaited for us to put away another criminal.
~20 minutes later~
I pulled into the driveway of my apartment complex; I lived in the studio on the top floor a whole huge space for me and my writing. I then grabbed all the stuff I had taken with me and started up the steps to the building, after punching in my code and getting the main door opened, I walked to the elevator and pushed the up button. I stood there looking down at my shoes, not protocol shoes because I never wore them, I always had on my scuffed up converse. The elevator dinged as the doors opened and Ms. Miscall stood there with her grandson, James. I smiled as they got off and I got back on, I knew they lived in 3B.
James was almost 20 and taking care of his grandmother who was schizophrenia, in some ways he reminded me of Spencer. I smiled as the doors closed and knew I was that much closer to home, I rested my back against the back of the elevator and counted in my head until it dinged on the 17th floor. Opening my eyes I walked out the doors, once they opened, to door that was 3 feet in front of me, the door way to my house. Taking out my keys from my pocket, I had stuffed in there once I got back; I unlocked the door and walking in. Dropping my stuff to the right of the door, I sighed and shut the door and locked it and then turned on the Broadband security system, the lights flipped on, casting light upon my house.
My apartment was how I left it, messy just like my life for the most part. I sighed and seen my poor fish Alfred, fish number 13, belly up. I sighed and walked over to the tank and taped it a few times, he didn’t move. I had seen where Maria, the cleaning lady had been yesterday, she knew better then to touch most of the stuff, she just cleaned the floors, bathroom, trash, windows and made the bed. She left everything else untouched.
“May, my dear Alfred rest in peace” I said as I grabbed a plastic cup from the trashcan beside the fish tank, scooping up a cup almost full of water and Alfred I walked into the bathroom and flipped on the light and lifted the toilet seat, I dumped the cup and flushed. I threw the cup in the trashcan and walked out of the bathroom leaving the light on because a nice warmer shower was screaming my name. I pulled out my cell phone and opened a new text message and sent it to Morgan
fish number 13, May the poor damn thing rest in peace
I then closed the phone knowing Morgan would be laughing when he read it. I sighed and then walked into the bathroom and stripped my clothes away while turning on the CD player and pushing random play. My Chemical Romance came blasting out as I turned the water on hot and the room filled with steam.
As the water washed over me I realized how tired I was… I finished up and got out all nice and clean. I walked into my bedroom with a towel on and pulled on some regular work clothes and walked into the living room. I sighed as I sat down on the couch and picked up a case file from the coffee table. I opened it and seen it was the case of my Parents, Marlow and Doyle Mathis. I was about to flip up the picture when a knock came from the door, I sighed, closing the folder. I wondered who it could be; the rest of the team was out and about. “Who is it?” I called hand on my gun as a precaution. I took my gun everywhere with me, well to most places but it was always in my car, ready to use.
“Who the hell do you think” I heard Zach say sarcastically from the other side of the door. I smiled and placed my gun on the coffee table. I pushed the disarm button and unlocked the door. I then stood back as he threw open the door. I looked and seen Morgan, Reid, Prentiss, JJ, Henry, Garcia, Hotchner, his son, Jack, and my dad standing in the small space. I smiled seeing them all, they all smiled back at me. I knew then that my family was here... why they were here I had no clue to. “What the…hey….” I said as I looked at them with wonder. Morgan laughed a little and held up a pack of root beer while Garcia held up a bag with snacks in it. The smile on my face got wider as I rolled my eyes.
“We decided we would come celebrate the life of little Alfred Rossi. What a young life gone to soon” Zach stated as they filled in. I rolled my eyes and then ran to clear some spots, Morgan dropped the soda on the coffee table and they all sat down causing quit chatter among their self’s. “Aunt Lacey” Jack said as he ran to me and I picked him up and hugged him. Jack looked so much like Hotch it wasn’t funny, but in little Jack I could see Haley.
“Hey Jackie, how’s it going?” I asked as he hugged my neck. His mother and I, Haley, were close before she died and Zach and I joined the force. I had missed a lot most of the stuff I knew about but never said anything. “Can I watch TV in your bedroom?” he whispered to me and I nodded my head, Morgan and Emily were fighting for the remote, they had made themselves at home on the couch, as I walked Jack into my room and turned on some cartoons. I sighed and left him in there and walked back out to all my friends, Reid was looking at my artist table, the ones artist use to paint on; I had my writing on there. He was picking up random pieces of papers like he was looking at a crime scene.
“So Rossi… I mean Li-Li” Morgan said, using my nick name as both my father and I looked at him, “how long did this fish live?” he asked me as I rolled my eyes and walked over to my father and gave him a hug. “Morgan he lived as far as I know a hole month… a lot longer than the rest of them.”I said and Morgan laughed and grabbed for a soda. “Hey baby” Dad said to me as I stood beside him, I was taller than him but he didn’t care.
“Hey daddy I missed you” I said as I kissed his cheek, I was daddy’s little girl, I was there through all 3 ex-wives and knew that he cared more about me and his job then he did them. David had become my dad when I was 14. I looked and seen Hotch look around looking for little Jack. “Bedroom Hotch” I said as I walked over and sat down next to JJ who was holding little Henry Jones, I smiled and took him from her, he was a little over 2 years old. He was playing with a toy she had brought with him. “So JJ, where is that man of yours?” I asked referring to William, the man she met on their ‘Jack the Ripper’ case in New Orleans.
“He is taking the day off and doing nothing and I thought I would bring little Henry and give him some time alone. Then Nanny Ellie is going to watch him so we can have some alone time” she said, I gave her a wink and she rolled her eyes, then we all watched the TV as Emily choose the TV channel. I zoned out as we watched something on Paper View, some new movie called Zombie land…
~2 hours later~
I woke with a start of something moving in my bed with me, I opened my eyes to see myself completely blind. Wait, how did I get in bed? My mind screamed as I reach for my glasses and placed them on my face and looked over and seen little Jack fast sleep next to me, I blinked and then it all came back to me. I threw the covers off me but not little Jack. Careful not to wake Jack, I got out of bed and seen that it was like 2 in the morning. I was wide awake and a little confused as to why Jack was with me.
I opened my door and walked into the living room and seen Hotch asleep on my couch with the TV on the news. I sighed and walked into the kitchen careful not to wake Hotch. I walked straight to the fridge and opened it; I reach for a bottle of water and then pulled out of the fridge. My sleep pattern was so screwed up it didn’t matter I got my 4 hours of sleep and was good to go for days. I opened it and took 3 big gulps, and then broke away breathing kind of hard. I turned after I closed the fridge and jumped to see Zach sitting at the table with his back to the wall, sleeping like a baby. I then rolled my eyes and left him, he had slept like that before. I then finished off the water and went back into the bedroom and crawled back in the bed with Jack. “Jack we are home for now” I said as I took off my glasses and cuddled up next to him, kissing him on the forehead I then fell back to sleep.

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