Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 43

Chapter 1

Chapter 43

by: ImBack_
---Justin's POV----
Brooke and i, barely spoke for the rest of the day.
She was packing her suitcase.
"You need help?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her waist. She acted as if, i'm not there. She sighed and walked away, pulling her self out of my arms. She took the last of her clothing. I peeked over her shoulder, giving her a kiss on the cheek. I saw a smile appear on her face for the slightest second.
"'re not angry anymore." i whispered in her ear. She turned around to face me, the smile whipped clean. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips.
she placed her hand on my cheek for a second. "Let's go bieber boy." She laughed closing the bag. I took it from her not wanting her to lift up heavy things. After a long plane ride we showed up in LA.
-----Brooke's POV---
"Brookstin!: Ellen said. I laughed. Justin and i walked out.
To my surprise when i looked out at the audience, there were mostly teenagers. Girls and boys. Justin and i took our seats.
Ellen: Hello, Justin and Brooke how have you to been?
Justin: (wraps an arm around Brooke) I'm fine
Brooke: Hello Ellen (smiles)
Ellen: (smiles) Brooke, you and justin have know each other for 13 or 14 years if i'm right.
Brooke: (nods)

"Let me say you two are very cute together." She said, laughing. I gave a smile. Justin went and wrapped both his arms around me, completely.
Awww's went through the crowd, as justin looked at ellen waiting for her to say something.

"Now Brooke your album came out yesterday and is number one on itunes."
What? No one told me that.
"It is?" Ellen nodded. Justin was being so touchy and he didn't seem to care.
"The 2 of you will be getting married in November?" She asked. I looked at justin.
"October 17." He said. My eyes shot to him quickly in confusion.
So the interview went on and on. She finally came to the subject i was waiting for her to get to.
"And is it true that you are....pregnant?" She seemed to hesitate a bit, ask if she was scared to aask it.
"Well-" i was cut off by justin.
"Yes. Yes she is." Justin seemed very proud of it. A joyful smile appeared of ellen's face. "I'm happy to hear that."
(Okay now..... i had to skip case it's getting boring to me. If you don't.)
------34 days later-----
(October 17th)

"Wake up!"
I heard a voice calling. my eyes fluttered opened to see my mom's excited face.
"What?" I asked my mom. She smiled at me, and in a soft voice said; "You're getting married today." It seemed as if she couldn't whip the smile off her face. I groaned and turned over onto my stomach.
"5 more minutes." I huffed. She let out a chuckle before walking.
I closed my eyes for a few seconds as if there was any hope of falling back asleep.
I finally stretched my arms out, and sat up in my bed.
Wow, I'm getting married today. I smiled spilled onto my lips.
"are you coming?" I heard my mom say from the living room. I whined but still dragged my self off the bed. Today is going to be a long day.

---------Author's Note--------
Okay so i just skipped those 34 days. i really didn't want to go through that whole wedding planning thing...anyway...i have to get everything together for the whole wedding thing. There will be links in the next few just for the wedding. I would like it if you went on the links so you can see what the, wedding dress, brides maids, cake and all that other stuff look like. So will you look at the links for the next one?


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