when 2 packs come toghther too make jacob blacks 8 pack!

when 2 packs come toghther too make jacob blacks 8 pack!

name:louise brown
pesonality:flirty,funny,fun too be around,straight forward,say it how it is
talents:street dancing and siging
in a pack with your brother this is just after breaking dawn but there is no collin and brady and jake didnt imprint on renesmee and also he hasnt spoke too bella sinse the volturi came.

Chapter 1

la push

i woke up and looked around it was dark outside i looked at my brother "hey bro" you said "hey sis were nearly inlapush" he said i nodded when a huge black wolve steps out off the road your brother sweves the car while you jump out.your throw off your leather jacket and shoes as your running theres no way your ruining them.then you jump and phase mid air into your grey wolfe you snarl and bare your teeth at the black wolfe when a russet colored wolfe runs out of the bushs it looks like a he you lung at him at the same time he lungs at you.you land on top off him you snare and bare you teeth but the wolfes just staring at you then your brother runs out human "louise" he shouts you snarl one last time at the russet colored wolf then run behind the car and get your emergency clothes:chicisimo.com/.../ then you go out to where now stands a very sexy lad with a geourgues 8 pack and a older looking man you pick up your jacket and put your shoes back on.your brother was speaking too the man while the other boy was staring at you arms crossed leaning up a tree i shrugged and walked over too him he smiled "im sorry about running at you i thought you was going too attack" he said "its ok im sorry too i thought you wanted too attack us" i said rolling up the sleeves on my leather jacket "im jacob" he said holding out his hand "im louise lou for short" i hugged him instead of shaking his hand he hugged me back then smirked when i let go "what?" i asked "nothing you just feel at normal temprature you know because were both hot" he said i nodded then in a flirty voice i added "in more ways then one" jake smirked and so did i when my brother liam shouted my name."what?" i asked walking over too him "were gonna drive the rest off the way come on you'll see jake when you get there" he said i rolled my eyes and smiled at jake he smiled back my brother faced jacob "jake? if your gonna start all this flirting nonsense with my sister be careful shes a total heartbreaker" he said i elbowed him in the ribs jake smirked then liam went too smack the back off my head but since i can street dance i was flexible i bent back so my head was 2 ft away from the ground he groaned and i got up "i hate it when you do that!" he said "wow your flexible" jake said i know i said then winked at him and walked too the car.

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