His Pain, Her Memory

This is a story that I thougth of after my Grandma told me a story about her son's (My Uncle) friend who commited suicide because he was on the tubby side. Please, Please Please! comment, I want to know if I should keep going wtih this or not. Thanks :33

Chapter 1

Embrace The Pain

He couldn't tell what was going on. Xander felt as if he was spinning in circles almost like he was on the rinse cycle in a washing machine, but no. He was in pain, the engulfing pain that surrounded his face causing his mind to jumble. Xander's eyes were closed to the pain, feeling hard knuckles against his jawline was enough for him to scream loud. He ducked down against the wall and opened his eyes, he couldn't feel anything in his face. Was his jaw broken? He didn't know.
He looked up only to see his father with his fist clenched. "Won't you ever stop?" Xander asked pushing a incoming foot out of his way. Bill (His father) laughed maliciously and smirked.
"Why should I you Emo Creep?" Bill asked stomping his foot down on Xander's left hand. Xander grunted in pain and managed to pull his hand away and get to his feet. His father was on a rampage again, just like every other night. This was torture for him, pain and sufferage that he couldn't get away from. Something that hurt him deeply, that he had to embrace for. Xander always Embraced The Pain.
Xander ran to the nearest door that was leading to teh basement, slammed teh door shut and locked it. He had recently moved down to the basement because it was teh only room that he felt safe in. It was like a shield of protection, until Bill would find the key that Xander hid every week. He ran down the stairs and half fell but got his balance and flipped on the dim fading dirty and dusty lights leaving an eerie look to the basement.
He looked around the room, the dark, chamber-like room. This Home was not a Home, no matter where he goes..but this was the safest place. He knew that his Mother Mari and his sister Lily would stay in teh bathroom of the basement until Bill fell asleep and they'd lock themselves in there until Xander came and told them that it was safe to come out.
"Xander? is that you?" Mari's voice sounded from the darkness. Xander looked at the bathroom door with dim light streaming out from beneath it like fog on a cold fall morning.
"Yeah. You can come out now." Xander told them while he flicked on his bed lamp, there was also a black light that he would turn on in the middle of the night to see some of the blood stains that his father had given him, but he never mentioned any of that to his mother or sister, only a single notebook that was in the wall, between the concrete of outside and the wood on the inside.
The bathroom door opened and two people stepped out, the light was on brighter and Xander caught a simple glimpse of himself in the large bathroom mirror. But he simply looked away and stared at his frightened Mother and Sister.
"Xander are you alright?" Lily asked peering through the gloom of the basement at him. they weren't used to the darkness of the room. Only he was, because he spent most of his days down in teh basement writing or getting high to relieve the pain.
"Fit as a fiddle." Xander muttered. Lily's green eyes stared at his Ice blue eyes and it was almost like she was trying to rip apart his head to read his thoughts and his memories to see what had happened upstairs.
"Hun, come into the bathroom and lemme have a look at you." Mari ordered him. He obeyed, not wanting his mother to be mad and go get drunk like Bill. He stepped into teh brightness of the bathroom and stared into teh mirror again. His black hair had been drenched in blood from his lip and nose. His lower lip had split twice, but somehow managed to avoid his lip ring. the blood seemed deep scarlet against his pale never sun light touched skin. He was taller than Mari who now stood next to him. Her green eyes were in shock and her jaw was agape.
Xander wore all black. A black and white checkered bracelet and a studded belt. his black hair normally covered on of his eyes, His hair was choppy and razored by himself. A Black and White band tee of My Chemical Romance was clothed across his torso and the white words of MCR was stained in blood. his pants had been torn at the knee from his fall to the ground, and they were tight skinny jeans. his shoes were off, but he normally wore all black high-top Converse. His pale skin made everything seem darker than it was, and it made his eyes seem to glow a more piercing Ice blue.
"Xander..." Mari said wiping her eyes, he turned to her and shook his head.
"I'm fine. Trust me." Xander Whispered. "I Embrace The Pain." He added. Mari shook her head and walked out of teh room, she couldn't stand looking at her son that was the most different prerson in the family, she couldn't stand the blood on his face and the pain deep in his eyes. Lily hugged her mother tightly, as Xander closed the door and faced the mirror.
"Fvck You, Bill." Xander said to hismelf angrily as he clenched one of his own fists and punched the Mirror. The glass shattered and Tore at his skin and lodged deep in his hand. The pain was much less than the pain that he felt inside.

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