Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 14

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 14

here's part 14 !!!! please comment
i am really trying to put them up faster, but with school and stuff its so hard.
but you know winter break is coming up, so you can count on all lot more in the next 2 weeks

Chapter 1

The Hospital Wing

by: kinewnew
“Will she be waking up soon?” a voice said. “Yes, but you really must be patient she will come around.” Someone else said and then there were footsteps. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Hermione staring at me intensely. “Adriana,” she exclaimed pulling me into a choking hug. “Hermione, I think you are hurting her,” Ron said and she quickly let go. “Thanks Ron,” I said taking in a deep breath. “What happened, and how long have I been out?” I asked groggily. “Well… Katie Bell got in a bad accident and you took one look at her and passed out. And it’s been a day,” Hermione said truthfully. “Oh, is she okay?” I asked worried. “Yea, she is, but she’s in st. mungos right now.” Ron said. “Adriana, what we want to know is why did you faint? You took a glance at that package and just blacked out.” Hermione told me. Package? Oh my gosh that package that Draco had. It was then that I realized that Harry wasn’t here. “Why isn’t Harry in here?” I asked them. “I don’t really know, though he does think that it was Malfoy who gave Katie that packaged.” Hermione told me. “You don’t think Harry is stalking Malfoy, do you?” Ron asked, more to Hermione than me. “No, I don’t think so.” She stated but she sounded unsure. They kept going on and on about for awhile, until Madam Pomfrey said I was free to go. We walked quickly to the common room, well maybe just me. But I urgently needed to speak to Harry. I told the fat lady the password and immediately went in to the boy’s dormitory. “Harry,” I said. “Adriana you’re okay,” he said pulling me into a hug. “Hermione and Ron told me about how you think Draco is the one who gave Katie the package with the Necklace in it. Why do you think that?” I asked him. “Before you go defending Malfoy,” he started, oh I doubt that will happen. “You should know that the necklace Katie touched was the exact same necklace we saw Malfoy having a look at in Borgin and Burkes. That had to be what he was buying when he was in there. HE must have given it to her in hogshead, gosh and I didn’t even see him,” harry continued. “But Ron and Hermione said that she got it in the bathroom, he wouldn’t be in the bathroom would he,” I said, not knowing why I’m trying to defend him. “He could have gotten someone to do it for him,” he said. To me what Harry said made since, but I really didn’t want to believe it. I can’t tell Harry, that would sell Draco out. “What do you think?” he asked me. “I don’t really know,” I told him honestly. “Can you find out for me.” he asked. “Uh… sure.” I lied. I went into the girl’s dorm so I could get ready for potions with Slughorn. I went in and saw that Draco was surprisingly in there on time. He nervously smiled at me. But I ignored him and walked straight to my desk to sit by Hermione. I didn’t really pay attention to what Slughorn was saying. I suddenly felt something else hit me in my back. I picked up the note and read it. Adriana, please meet me in the room of requirement after lunch. Draco. I crumpled it up and as the bell rung threw it away. The next periods went by pretty fast and lunch approached. I walked to the Gryffindor table with Hermione and looked towards Slytherinmn . I saw that Draco was smirking at me, again. I quickly looked away, “Adriana, what’s wrong, you’ve been quiet all day.” Ron said, mouth filled with pastries. “Oh, um nothing,” I said quickly. “Hey, after lunch wanna go to Hagrids?” I asked changing the subject. I needed to be somewhere else when Draco realized I wouldn’t go.They all agreed and we finished eating and left. “Now yeh decide to visit me, eh?” Hagrid asked sounding a little pissed, but that didn’t stop him from pulling us into a big hug. “Sorry Hagrid, but you know we’ve been busy with school work, and then the whole Katie Bell dilemma.” Hermione told him. “Oh yeh, I’ve heard ‘bout that. Blimey she’s alright isn’t she?” Hagrid asked. “Yeah she is in st. Mungo’s right now though.” Ron said. “Yea and we think-” he stopped midsentence when he noticed the deathly glare Hermione was giving him. “I mean I think, it might be Malfoy.” Harry finished. “Harry, now that’s a right serious accusation.” Hagrid said. “It’s not an accusation Hagrid, the facts are all there,” harry said. “What facts?” Hagrid asked. “Hey, can we please talk about something else,” I pleaded with them. They nodded, “what’s her problem?” Ron asked Harry. But Harry just looked away and shrugged. The remainder of that trip we talked about, what Hagrid been up to, and how grawp was, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about Draco. I knew I had to talk to him soon and straighten this thing out. As we left Hagrid’s and entered Hogwarts again I saw Draco in the hall, he didn’t look very happy. He motioned for me to follow him, so I told Hermione I would be back. I walked up to and he roughly grabbed my arm. “Why didn’t you come to the room of requirement?” he asked forcefully. “Malfoy let me go,” I told him. “Oh it’s Malfoy now,” he sneered, his grip tightening, my arm went numb. “Im not kidding Malfoy let me go.” I said sternly. “What’s your problem Adriana, are you mad at me?” he asked. “What’s my problem? Draco you’ve been acting weird this past week. Not to mention you almost killed Katie. I’m not the only one who thinks it you either, harry does also.” I said. He sighed and released my arm. “I didn’t give Katie that necklace” he told me. I snorted, “Don’t lie to me Draco, I saw that same package Katie had in your hand today,” I said. He took my face between his hands. “Listen,” he started. “No you know what Draco; I have to go back to my common room. Harry was right your too dangerous, we’re through.” I told him and walked away, but I could feel his stare piercing through my body.


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