Vengeful Atonement

Vengeful Atonement

So I wrote this for a school asignment.So tell me what you think and if I should carry on.It' a twist.A little contravsial.Oh and I'm muslim so I do know my facts.

Chapter 1

Harsh Words

by: HariDeen
Most people live with the shame and guilt of their deeds all their life, some even long after they die. Live with the shame of another’s mistakes? For it to consume your life, destroy it even. Where was the justice in that? How could one atone for the deeds of another? Of something I had no part in, it was almost impossible. Now the consequences of my father’s mistakes would be carried with me for the rest of my life. Being no fault of mine, or anyone else for that matter, except that of my father. How did it all go wrong? A nice house, a happy normal family, a normal life... Why did he throw it all away? Why did he...
My thoughts were interrupted by the sudden unexpected opening of my bedroom door. There stood my brother, only ten months my senior. He had the same jet black hair; olive toned skin and dark brown eyes, although his eyes reflected the pain and anger of our father's sins.
"Hurry up, we're gonna be late. Not that I want to go to this new hell-hole of a school." The latter part being muttered, he exited the room.
After straightening my hair I left my room and went downstairs. Everything about this house seemed... weird. Even with all the boxes of our possessions being unpacked, it didn’t feel like home. I hated the fact we had to move, to leave our entire family, to leave everything and everyone we knew.
I took the three toasted pieces of bread out of the toaster; spread the remaining remnants of jam onto them. Mum then came into the kitchen, carrying my little brother Zak in one hand and a cup of tea in another.
My mother had dark circles under her eyes, another sleepless night. It was now normal to see my mother in this state. She was dressed and ready to leave.
"Zara pet, please be an angel and drop Zak off to school?" my mother pleaded.
I nodded, took Zak and sat him down on the table, giving him his slice of jammed toast.
"Can I have some doice pwez?" Zak asked.
I rushed around the kitchen, preparing the lunches of my brothers and myself.
"See you later love! Have a good day at school!" my mother strained a smile.
"Bye-bye Mummy!" Zak called between mouthfuls. My mother went and kissed him on the head, then walked to the door.
"Zain I'm off! Behave!" she called out to Zain, she then walked out the door. We wouldn't be seeing her until this evening. As my mother's car pulled out of the drive, my brother appeared.
Zain took his slice of toast, stuffed his lunch in his bag, attempted to knot his tie and nodded his thanks.
"Zaky go and put your shoes on." I prompted Zak.
Zak skipped off, his innocent five-year-old mind oblivious to the atmosphere of our now broken family.
"You ready for school today?" I asked Zain, trying to make conversation. My brother now seemed to be rather distant. He had become a ghost of his previous devil-may-care self.
"Why should I be? Having to change our surname? Going to a totally new school in a strange new town! Having no friends or family! Having to leave our old life in shame! All because our two-faced father was a-"
"Please don’t! Don’t!" I begged him, tears beginning to form.
"You need to face the facts Zara!" He shouted.
"NO! DON'T!" I shouted back.
"Our father was a terrorist! He blew himself and innocent people up in a suicide bomb blast! Our father was a lunatic! Our father was a murderer! Our father has ruined our lives!" he carried on shouting at me.
"No! No he wasn't! He would never hurt anyone! You and I both know it!" I sobbed. "He loved us!"
Zain sighed; he pulled me into a hug.
"If he loved us Zara, he wouldn't have done this. He wouldn't have ruined our lives. Leaving us without a father, and leaving mum heartbroken and raising us alone. He wouldn't have blown up innocent people. I can't believe it either, but it's true. Look how we have to live now." Zains voice now became softer. But his softer tone only made me cry harder.
I couldn't control myself. I was sobbing so hard. All these months I had never shed a tear. Not when we found out. Not when I went to school, with pitying or disgusted looks from my peers. Not when I found out we were being relocated, having to leave everything. Not when we had to disguise our real identities and took mums maiden name. Not when people abused me on the streets I grew up in. Not even when we moved here. I had pushed it all to the back of my mind. Zains harsh words had hit a soft spot in the hard wall I had built. All the vent up emotions flooded out like the falls of Niagara.
"Don't cry, come on it's gonna be fine. We have each other." Zain reassured me. "Plus our amazing new school." He added sarcastically.

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