Animal I have become

Animal I have become

Sh.t! I thought. I have to run. I ran with all my might, but I tripped. "Ah ha! I've got you now!" "Please, don't do anything to me!" "You will pay!"

Chapter 1

Two years before

I woke up with a odd feeling. I knew that it was only a dream, that it wold NEVER happen. I hope it doesn't. I got on my blue ripped pants, and a light pink shirt. I decide that I would wear my Spiderman converse, and a bow on the top of my head. I put a little make-up on my tan body, and ran downstairs. "Go morning sweetie." "Mom, I told you not to call me that anymore. I'm 16 now." "Yes Allison, I know that. But I want to call you it." Then my annoying little 8 year old sister yelled,"Allison is a sweetie!" "Shut up Morgan!" "You can't tell me what to do!" "I can." Mom said. Then Morgan stopped. "Mom, what was dad like?" "Honey, he was like the best man that you could ever meet. Whenever I would come over to his house, he would lighten up my day. I always wanted to be around him. And then one day, he just went into the army and two years later, a solider came and sniff said that he was dead." She just balled out. I walk over to her, and put my arm around her and said,"Mom, he's in your heart. Never forget that." "sniff Yes, sniff Allison, sniff I sniff know sniff that." Then Morgan call out and said,"ALLISON! THE BUSS IS HERE!" "Mom have to go." "Have a good day." "Ok." I ran out with my stuff and got on the buss. Morgan went to sit with her friends, but I sat by myself. I didn't have any friends. I always wonder what dad looked like. I thought. "Hello." A tall, tan, muscular, brown shabby hair, and dark brown eyes man. I looked up,"Oh hi." "May I sit with you?" "Uh, sure." "My name is Brian." "Allison" "Cool." "So do you have any friends?" "Yeah, but they don't ride this buss." "Oh." "Do you have any friends?" "No." "Do you want to be?" "Sure" Might as well have one fr.cken friend in this whole f@#$ up world. I thought. "So what are you doing tonight?" "Well today is prom, witch by the way I hate. I'm really not doing anything. Why?" "Well, I was going to ask you to prom, but you hate it." "Oh, I'll go with you." "But I thought you said that you hated it." "But I really get bored, so I'll go with you." "Ok then, pick you up at, hm.....lets see." He thought for a moment," Seven." I said. "Sure, works for me." "Ok." I looked at my brown hair, skinny body, and small feet. (I had baby blue eyes) Then I looked at Brain. Tan body, muscular body, and small feet. Perfect, just perfect. He was just like me. Tall and tan. "What?" "Nothing." I said. He lend in closer, I could smell his minty breath. "Allison." "What?" But he didn't answer, he just lend in so close that he kissed me. I didn't know what to do but just kiss him back. I ran my fingers in his brown shabby hair. He pulled away,"Sorry." "What?" "That I kissed you." "You don't have to sorry about that" "Ok then." He kissed me again. This time longer. Oh the kiss. My lips against his minty mouth, his muscular body pushed against mine, and the warmth. Oh how I loved him. He pulled away. "Do you want to be," "We just met, but yes, I would love to."

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