My Life: A Child Slaves Diary

My Life: A Child Slaves Diary

This is a story about a Girl named Rose who is taken as a slave during the Revolutionary war in 1777. The king of England wanted to take over the land that some people moved to. They moved to that land we now call America(which was named by Amerigo Vespucci, a explorer) to stop paying taxes. He sent His Red Coats(the name The patriots gave his soldiers) to take over the land.

Chapter 1

I've Been Captured!!!

by: Kelliey
March 26, 1777
I write this up in my attic room. Tis been a fortnight(twelve days)since the war started. methinks we aren't safe in our home in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Ethanol(my 14 year old brother) wants to join our army to fight against the Red Coats. Mother won't allow him to. She is still upset about our father joining. Ethanol must help us run our Bakery. Tis named Suliva's Goods. Suliva tis our last name. Many shops are on our street. My best is Yuligee's Dresses. Tis were I got my best gown. I must be done now, for my candle is running low.

March 28,1777
Mother says the Red Coats are getting closer. My best Friend, Eliza Jemahl, Tis very weary about the Red Coats. Tis said they burn any house that tis not hanging a red ribbon on the door. My Neighbor, Sara Linnen told me this. Her husband Junnino O'nileer passed away two days after the war started. He was injured very badly, and lived only for a night and day. We went to his funeral. his and her entire family was there. I will recite what she told me.'Rose, you musn't be afraid that your father will not return. He will. He is very strong.'

March 30,1777
The Red Coats have came to our town. They are taking slaves. mother is afraid, for she tis 5 months with baby. We sent Ethanol to one of our relatives that live far away from here. He must stay safe, for he must take care of Aunt Nene and her 4 children. Mother calls for me to go down stairs.

The Red Coats have come into our house! They want to make us slaves to sell on auction. Mother begs for them not to, for she tis with baby. They do not listen but instead say the will kill me if she does not become a slave. she stops begging, for fear of what they say tis true. We will be taken to England is the early morn. I am afraid.

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