Speak Now

So I was listening to some music when Taylor Swift's Speak Now came on and I got inspired to write this story. It's just one chapter, but I hope that you guys like it! Please comment, favorite, etc. below:)

Chapter 1

Speak Now

Weddings. A girl's biggest dream that comes close to her fairy tales that she loved when she was younger. Perfect dress, hair, chapel decorated in gorgeous flowers, everyone's eyes on you looking as happy as can be. Then the preacher says "Speak now or forever hold your peace." And no one says anything which usually leads to the "I do's" and live happily ever after. Until' now.

I'm running as fast as I can. My heels in one hand as I run barefoot on the ground. My short dark turquoise dress flowing in the wind behind me.
I finally reach the back door of the church and sneak myself in. A woman walks past me, looking curious to see why I'm here but I just smile, then she smiles back and walks off. I put my heels back on my feet, feeling a bit unbalanced but I couldn't let a little foot pain stop me from what I was about to do. I walk quickly around to the corner of a wall and look around it. There are people sitting in the pews, talking to one another, her family's sitting on one side, while his sits on the other. Her parents and friends I assume, are all dressed in light pinks, blues and lavenders. There's way too much pastel in the room for one person to even see straight.
I head back to the back door, nervous, wondering if what I have planned will actually work. As I think I hear loud screaming, most likely coming from the bride. I knew her in high school. The typical cheerleader, blonde hair, big boobs, annoying voice. I feel so sorry for her bridesmaids, but they call themselves her so called "friends" so they put it upon themselves.
A woman, most likely her mother, the one who smiled at me earlier tells everyone to hurry up. I sneak behind a curtain and wait silently. She walks past the door screaming at more people dressed in a gigantic white cupcake like dress, gallons of makeup on her face, and a tiara on her head which held the veil upon her gigantic voluminous hair.
The bridesmaids along with the groomsmen, head out first. Each with forced smiles on their face. They walk out into the aisle with soft organ music playing. The take their places along the side. I take this as a quick time to go and sneak behind a large curtain by the back pews. The music stops and begins playing the "Wedding March". Sounds more a death march to me.
Everyone turns around and looks at the double doors. The doors open and everyone else looks at her admiringly.
She has her arm linked with her father and begins to wave at everyone like she's prom queen. Oh wait... she was.
I look down the aisle as she slowly takes her time to get to him. He looks worried. Like he's made the wrong choice. He's been my best friend forever, but I wasn't invited because of that train wreck who he's about to call his wife wouldn't invite me.
She finally makes her way to him. Gives her dad a peck on the cheek and blows kisses to everyone else. Drama Queen much?
The preacher begins to speak as soft organ music plays. He reads parts of the bible and then he says those magical words I've been waiting for. "Whoever believes that these two should not wed, please speak now or forever hold your peace."
At that moment I came out from behind the curtains. "Me." I said loudly so everyone could hear. I was shaking nervously but I tried not to show it. Everyone turned around looking at me with shocked faces. Her side of the family gasped and called me words I shouldn't say but his side of the family surprisingly smiled at me.
He looks straight at me. A smile forming on his face. "I didn't invite her!!!! Get her out!" She screams pointing at me. But no one comes at me. He gets down from the alter and comes closer to me, a smile still on his face. I smiled back and say,"I'm not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion but...you're not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl. So don't say yes, run away with me." He puts his hand on the side of my face and says softly, "I'll meet you when I'm out of my tux at the backdoor." He softly kisses my cheek. At this moment, the bride's family is horrified but his side of the family is cheering. I head towards the back of church to wait for him as I hear the bride screaming and crying like crazy.
I sit on the steps outside when I hear a door open and close. I stand up and he grabs my face, kissing me with so much passion I feel all tingly. He tells me softly,"Baby, I didn't say my vows. So glad you were around when they said speak now." And with that he grabbed my hand as we walked off into our future, together forever, knowing that he knows it'll be me he's going to marry.


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