Step To The Beat Of My Heart ♥ [A Justin Bieber Love Story] Chapter 5

Chapter 1

Chapter 5

by: ImBack_
----Kim's POV----
When practice was over, everyone was leaving. I was packing up my stuff when i heard footsteps approaching. I looked behind me to see Justin smiling at me.
"Hi." I said pushing the few strands of hair behind my ear.
i grabbed my backpack and put it over my shoulder.
"I was going to head to get something to eat...." He said trailing off a bit.
I looked at him, and raised an eyebrow.
"Do you want to come?" He asked a bit nervously. I chuckled before standing up. I looked at him for a second, trying to read his face.
"I can't." I said walking past him. He caught up to me.

"Why?" he asked walking beside me. I rolled my eyes, but didn't answer the question.
"I have to go somewhere."
I paused, and sighed slightly. I really did want to go ...but i didn't come here for a boyfriend.
"Wouldn't Jasmine by angry?" We walked out of the rehearsal room into the empty hallway; which looked much wider without the teenagers running through it. "Why would Jasmine care? it's not like, i'm asking you out or anything." he shrugged. For some reason i felt my heart drop a bit.
i didn't notice but i was frowning a bit, i quickly smiled before he could notice.
"Well....duh..of course." i laughed, "Sure, I'll go."
"Great! come on." He grabbed my hand, and pulled me forward as we ran to the parking lot. His Ferri was parked at the very end of the parking. As we got closer we came to a slow walk. He was still holding my hand though.
"Thanks for coming--to help at dance practice." He said, looking down at our hands.
"uh.....Sure. Anytime."
"Were you in a dance crew in New york?"
"Dance crew's were never really my thing."
"That sucks."
I raised an eyebrow curiously.
"Because i was going to-"
He was cut off by someone calling his name.
"JUSTIN!!!!!!" i heard a voice call.
I pulled my hand away from his, and we both turned around to see jasmine walking towards us. She caught up to us.
"Justin, you said we were going to go to eat." She said breathlessly.
Justin quickly looked at me. I shook my head, "I'll just see you tomorrow."
I began to walk away.
"Kim! We could just go tomorrow!" He shouted.
"I'd rather not!" I shouted as i walked off.


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