The Crow and The Butterfly ( A Damon Salvatore Love story)

Hey so Im starting A new Series about A girl Named Athena Lynn Harlow and a Boy Damon Slavatore who fall in love. Tell me what you think about it :) Leave some comments :)

Chapter 16


I kept my head down, trying to not make contact with anyone. Feeling Klaus's grip get tighter I picked up my pace until we reached a local Cafe called "Main Street Deli". Going inside we sat down at a table by the window.

"Hello welcome to Main Street Deli, what can I get you to drink." The bubbly waitress asked us.

"Nothing for me, but what would you like dear?" Klaus asked me with a huge grin on his face. I didn't respond... "What would you like dear." His voice got more stern.

"Just a Sprite please." I said trying to hold a smile on my face.

"Alright, here are some menus I will be back with your Sprite." She finished practically skipping off. I looked around the place was full. Elderly couples, families, teenagers... why would Klaus bring us here.

" I remember back in 1920's this place had the best..."

"Klaus, why are you doing this. If you want to kill me just do it. I am tired of this little game." I said crossing my arms.

"Athena, Athena... It's not you who is going to die." He said leaning forward and grabbing his hands on the table. The waitress brought me my drink. She asked if we were ready to order and Klaus simply shooed her off.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"I'm giving you the chance to save many lives, all you have to do is pick one person in this cafe to die... and I will let you go, consider this a punishment for turning against me" He said smiling and looking at everyone in the cafe. I had to catch my breath, I couldn't take someones life.


"Excuse me?"

"I said no, I'm not going to choose who lives or who dies." I said attempting to get up and walk out.

"If you leave, everyone in here will die." I sat back down "good girl."

"Kill me Klaus, I know that's what you want." I said. He started laughing. "Whats so funny?" He didn't respond. "Then I will kill myself if its the only way I can get away from you!"

"You think I want you dead? Oh god no Athena! That would just ruin everything..." He said looking at me closely "You don't know do you?" He said tilting his head.

"I don't know what?"

"Damon never told you?"

"Damon never told me what!" I nearly shouted getting more frustrated with Klaus.

"Athena, you are apart of one of the rarest blood lines on this earth. I have only met 2 others in my life time with the same bloodline as you." He scooted in closer "The people who are connected to these bloodlines are called Lanteraths. When a Lanterath takes their own life, their blood becomes a cure."

"A cure to what?" I asked.

"Being a Vampire, just one drop and a vampire turns into a human, but this can only happen when the Lanterath is completely dead. Not vampire dead. dead." He finished.

"Is that why vampires are always coming after me, they want to be human?" I asked looking around.


"So then why keep me alive? Why not just kill me and turn them human." I asked rudely.

"Because Athena. If one vampire turns human, every vampire they have ever turned or even came in contact with will turn human as well. It was recorded that in the 1700's the vampire race went extinct from the western hemisphere because one Lanterath took their life trying to make a difference." Klaus said.

"Why is that such a bad thing?"

"Being a vampire is a gift, not a curse. Eternal youth, strength, speed." He said with yet another grin.

"For you maybe Klaus. Why not just kill me, then you wont have to worry about any cure." I asked.

"Because the... complicated thing is that when a Lanterath is alive their blood is much to valuable to give up, besides vampires they are the only thing on this planet that can turn anyone into a vampire. Any vampire that a Lanterath turns will always be completely loyal to them, like soldiers to a dictator." He said seriously. I should have just taken the knife on the table and killed myself then and there. Made it all go away, save Stefan, Elena and Damon... Give them the life that they deserve. But in the end I'm to scared, I couldn't lose Damon, I loved him so much. It hits me. Give myself a 50/50 shot. I remember Klaus showing me these Cyanide pills at his house, they took about 30 mins to kill you. You wouldn't feel anything, it just stops your heart. I could take one... then see if Damon could help me in time to turn me into a Vampire.

I couldn't just continue being apart of Klaus's game. Yes this made hardly any sense, but it was all I could think of. Either way the plan went, some good would come out of it. But I had to get back to the house.

"If I choose someone to die, will you let me go?" I asked taking a deep breath.

"Yes." He said. I looked around, who's life was I about to take? I had to hold back tears when I turned back to Klaus with my decision.

"Behind you is a man in a suit." I couldn't believe what I was doing "him".

"Why him Athena, what makes him so special." He asked.

"Well, his ring finger you can see a pale ring around it there's no ring there anymore so it looks like he just got out a divorce. He ordered nothing to eat, only a water which is free, the drinks here are cheap and hes in a nice suit, looks like the wife took all the money. Probably in debt." I said wiping away a tear before Klaus saw.

"What if he has children?" Klaus asked. I got up, took one last look at the man and left. We had been in that cafe for almost 3 hours, it was getting close to sunset. I began to run to Klaus's home. As I was running I turned around to see the man and Klaus walking out talking and laughing. I didn't stop until I reached the house. Before I went inside I found a payphone and called Damon's number.


Pacing in the living room I felt my phone vibrating, pulling it out of my pocket I answered it annoyed.


"Damon.. Its me." I heard Athena say.

"Athena where are you?" I asked quickly grabbing my jacket and signaling for Stefan to follow me.

"I'm a block away from Klaus's house, Damon listen to me." She said trying to keep a steady voice. Stefan said goodbye to Elena and followed me out the door.

"Klaus told me everything, about my blood line and what it can do." She said her voice getting more uneven with each word.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you.. I just"

"I'm not mad Damon. But I cant live with this feeling, knowing that my blood can change lives, so I'm leaving it to fate."

"Athena, what do you mean?" I asked getting nervous, what was she doing, She started breathing really hard almost crying.

"Athena, tell me" I said when I started running.

"I have 30 mins left to live, unless I can get turned." I stopped in my tracks

"What do you mean 30 minutes! Athena your kidding right! Why are you doing this." I asked.

"Because I love you so much. If I die you can use my blood and be human, live a normal happy life. Maybe even start a family one day. But If I live we can be together, either way Damon your gonna be okay... I promise." She said crying

"I don't want to live without you!" I said running as fast as I could still holding on to the phone.

"Damon in 30 minutes my heart will stop or it wont. No matter what I love you." The line went dead. I ran faster then I ever have before.

I jogged over to Klaus's house and went inside to see that Katherine was no longer there. Going into the weapons room I went over to the cabinet in there and pulled out a small black bottle and grabbed one pill. Leaving to room I went into the kitchen poured myself a glass of water and set the pill next to it on the counter. Was I really about to do this... leaning against the counter I rubbed my face. I thought back... They say your life flashes before your eyes when your about to die... Knowing that I had 30 minutes.. I could only remember certain things. Kissing Damon for the first time, my mother, and holding Katherine's hand before Klaus broke her neck. I shook my head, grabbed the pill and swallowed it... 30 minutes. I took a deep breath and walked out of the house. It was peaceful. The sunset was amazing, the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Walking across the street I began walking away from town and towards a large field. Once I got there I had only but 10 minutes left...


I was pushing my self so hard, running faster and faster until I had reached my limit. Stefan had reached his too but we kept up a fast sprint. I checked my watch, from the time Athena called me... she only had 5 minutes. I saw the town, and a field in the distance. I began screaming Athena's name.


I looked around, I checked my watch I had one minute left. It didn't feel like it I felt fine. But I knew, I could sense that I only had moments left of life. I felt the grass and took in a deep breath of air, that's when I heard my name being called in the distance. Standing up I looked hard to see what it was coming from, I saw Damon.

"DAMON!" I scream, I smile, I sprint to him as quick as I could. We were on opposite sides of the field.

"ATHENA!" I hear him scream. And that's when I realized I didn't want to die. Crying I ran harder, faster. I could he was doing the same. I had less then 20 seconds before the cyanide would reach my heart, ending my life. I kept running, we were so close, but close doesn't cut it. We are arms length apart when I feel it reach my heart and I fall, into blackness.

I see Athena, she is there sitting in the field.

"ATHENA!!" I scream. She stands up and sees me running to her.

"DAMON!" She began sprinting.

"ATHENA!" I shout. Smiling I run harder, faster. I couldn't let her leave me. I checked my watch she had less then 20 seconds. Stefan has fallen far behind me as I focus in on Athena. We are so close, arms length apart when I see her face change, pure terror. She falls into my arms and I catch her.

"Athena! Athena please!" I say pulling her body closer to me. I bite her neck, nothing. I bite my wrist and hold it to her mouth.

"Athena, drink." I push it harder to her mouth "Athena!!" I scream... nothing. Stefan finally reaches us, but cant say anything. I lay her down and do CPR. Feeling for a pulse, Listening for a breath, Looking for any sign of life, nothing changes.

"Stefan! What do we do!" I yell. He says nothing. "why isn't it working!" I scream. He stands there motionless, shocked. I turn to Athena and just hold her.

"Athena, please. Don't leave me. I love you so much, I need you." I whisper in her ear. She doesn't return to me. I breakdown and cry over her lifeless body. I hear footsteps approaching, looking up I see Klaus. Gently setting Athena down I walk over to him and before he can figure out what happened I punch him across the face. Hes laying on the ground and I mount him. The collar of his shirt in one hand and I punch him multiple times with the other. Stefan has to pull me off of him.

"Look what you have done!" I scream at him.

"Is Athena.."

"YES! She is dead! Because of you Klaus, you killed her!!!" I scream and go at him again. Stefan pulls me back. I stop and go hold Athena again, trying to get blood down her throat. Stefan and Klaus are fighting. I pick up my sweet Athena and hold her closely.. no one can hurt you anymore. She said she did this to make me, Stefan and Elena normal. But I cant even think about taking one drop of blood from her. I begin walking home, holding her close to me. I Look down and kiss her forehead, she is still so beautiful.

She deserves a proper funeral...
Hey everyone! Sorry this one took so long, Quibblo had problems and I couldn't log in! :( But now my account is fixed so everything is good :) Thank you for being so patient and awesome!! I love each and everyone of you <3 :) If you are confused by anything in the chapter... The Lanterath thing can get confusing..... message me and I will clear up any questions.


Thanks guys love you :)

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