The Crow and The Butterfly ( A Damon Salvatore Love story)

Hey so Im starting A new Series about A girl Named Athena Lynn Harlow and a Boy Damon Slavatore who fall in love. Tell me what you think about it :) Leave some comments :)

Chapter 2

And It continues...

Walking into my second hour with Elena I felt like I could actuly study since Damon wasnt there to pesture me. Even though Damon wasnt there Mr.Moore's history class was still annoying.

"Okay class." He began "Get with a partner and I want you to discuss the most important part of history in your life, That one turning point that really changed your life. It can be anything." He finshed.

"What about the time I saw my first pair of boo/bs?" Some stupid Senior boy laughed with his friends.

"That is school apporiate Mr. Robinson." He said coldly to the boy.

"Mr.Moore can Athena and I go into the hallway?" She asked raising her hand.

"Yes just be quite." He said never looking up from his grading book, or whatever teachers look at.

Elena and I grabbed our things and went out and sat in the hallway.

"So Elena, What was your life changing moment?" I asked pencil ready in hand.

"hmm well this might sound corny." she laughed "But my life changing moment was probalby when I met Stefan. Well actully Stefan met me, he was so determined to get to know me, how could I say no to him?" She finished looking me in the eyes.

"Not trying to sound rude but, hes just a boy. Your probalby gonna meet a thousand others that "change your life." I said with quotations.

"Athena, you have no idea how we feel about each other." she said smiling. "We have been though so much together and he has opened up my eyes to what else is in the world."

"Like what?" I asked putting down my pencil.

"What do you mean?" She asked putting her behind her ear.

"You said he opened up your eyes to what else is in thw world, what did he show you?" I asked wondering what she would tell me.

"Umm you know like... gangs, and fires, and vicious... racoons." She said ending the sentence like a question. I didnt buy it for once second.

"Elena, why are you lieing to me?" I asked getting kind of mad that she was lieing to me.

"Okay im sorry." She smiled "He actully showed me how dangerous the world can be. You see he saved my life once. I was walking home one day and some guys ambushed me, they werent normal. I swear I could hear them growling, but anyways. They were trying to ra/pe me and Stefan fought them off. Athena Mystic Falls, isnt as safe as it seems to be just keep that in mind." She said taking a breath.

"Wow Elena, thats amazing and I take back what I said about him just being another guy." I said touching her shoulder.

Touching my hand she said "Its okay, but anyways what about you?" She asked getting her notebook and pen ready. What was I going to tell her? The first time my dad hit me? Or when I cried for my mom's help she just watched in fear?

"Well why did you move here from Detroit?" She asked breaking my train of thought.

"Elena, Please dont tell anyone this but." What was I doing I couldnt tell her about Ezra. "We had to move cause my dad got fired, its just embarassing for me." I laughed nervoulsy.

"Athena, I wouldnt Judge you." Before she could continue the bell rang and It was time for lunch.

"Well we dont want to be late she said gathering up her stuff and standing up. Doing the same we walked down the hall way to meet up with Stefan and unfortunately Damon.

"and how was class?" Stefan asked Elena wrapping his arm around her waist while we continued down the hall way.

"Well me and Athena got to know each other alot." she said giving me a wink then a laugh. I really liked Elena, she seems like the type of friend who would do anything for you. She was really lucky to have a guy like Stefan. The way he looks at her just shows me that there was still love in the world. Any girl would kill to be Elena.

Walking into the lunch room everyone was laughing, loudly I might add, talking and whispering. We went thought the lunch and grabbed our lunches. I got a chef salad and a pink lemonade. I didnt have an appitie though.

"So where's Damon?" I asked taking a drink of my lemonade.

"He always skips lunch, hasnt had a lunch here in about a year?" Stefan said looking at Elena, she nodded in agreence.

"Why does he always skip lunch?" I asked looking at a piece of salad of my fork.

"He likes to eat other things." Elena said. Looking up I saw them look at each other, like they felt guilty. We continued to talk about our lifes and just getting to know each other. I walked to 3rd hour sadly Elena or Stefan wasnt in that class with me, luckily Damon wasnt either. While Mr. Chandler was talking about X an Y equations I re-read the notes I took about Elenas story. She has been thought alot it seems like with the hole Stefan saving her life thing. I feel bad for lieing to her but.. its hard to talk about. My parents and the hole Boyfriend thing.

The bell rang, Finally! Packing up my things I looked at my sechdule and there wasnt a forth hour.

"Mr. Chandler, why doesnt my sechdule list a forth hour for me?" I asked handing him my sechdule.

Laughing he said "That means you have gotten enough credits Freshman and Sophmore year to have a free hour this semester. You can either go home or go to study hall" Handing it back to me I thanked him and exited the room. This is awsome I thought. Since its my first day I should probalby go to study hall. Walking down the hall way and into classroom 218. Seeing Stefan sitting in the back he waved me over and I sat down next to him.

"So what do we do in this class?" I asked setting my head in my hand while doolding with the other hand.

"Usually we just study or talk, its pretty chill." He said pulling out his notebook and began writing quickly.

"What are you writing there?" I asked looking up at him.

"Just a note to Elena, I write them to her every day so she knows im thinking of her." He said running his hand though his hair.

The final bell rang and Stefan and I walked out to the parking lot where he was parked. Saying good bye to everyone I walked over to my car, out my stuff in the back and got in. Looking at the clock it was 3:10 I had 20 minutes to get home, Im gonna go for a quick drive I thought to myself. Turning around the corner I drove past a "come back soon." sign and entered into the city free part of town. Driving in between rows of trees I was able to relax and clear my head a little bit.

Getting ready to go back home a Crow flew in front on my windsheild making me scream and slam on my brakes. Running out of my car I looked around for the crow making sure it wasnt hurt. Hearing the crow squaking I turned towards the tree. "Sorry I almost killed you." I laughed. Looking at me cell phone I saw it was 4:30. "Oh my god, dad is gonna kill me!" I nearly shouted while scrambling into my car and taking off.

Pulling into the drive way I grabbed my bag and ran inside the house. My dad was watching baseball while my mom was cooking dinner, for an instance we looked like a normal family.

"Where in the he/ll have you been you little bit/c/h!" He screamed stompping over to me. Raising his hand slapped me across the face knocking me on to the ground. Crying I got back up where he grabbed my hair and pulled my into the kitchen.

"Dad I'm sorry! Please It wont happen again I promise!" I begged praying for a miracle.

"Your da-mn right it wont happen again!" He screamed turning on the hot water on the sink.

"Mom, please help!" I begged looking at her. Without rejecting she let my dad her husband hold my hand under 190 degree water. Screaming in agonising pain he dropped me to the ground and kicked me in the face. That was going to cause I black eye. Screaming again it turned into heavy sobs while I heaved my body off the ground. My mom tryed attending to my burns but before she could even touch my dad rushed over and was right in her face.

"I swear to god, if you touch her at all I will take that knife and cut your fu//ck//ing hand off. " He said.

"Okay Mike, just let me finish dinner." Turning around he looked down at me and back to my mom.

"No dinner for tonight, she needs to learn that when I set rules they need to be followed. Walking back over to the TV he knocked over a vase my mom had gotten from her trip to Africa a few years back. Looking at her with pure hatetred I grabbed my bags with my good hand and ran upstairs to the bathroom. Still crying I grabbed seom burn cream, gauze, and a wrap for my hand. I had a very well put together first-aid kit from over the years. Carefully changing out of my clothes being cautious of my hand I changed in to some short-shorts and a tank top. Pulling my hair up into a messy bun I looked in my mirror to look at my eye, it was already turning a blueish purple color. Sitting on my bed I turned off my big light and my table light on. Looking though some old pcitures I was inturrpted by a sound outside my window. Setting the pictures down I opened up my window and looked outside. I was about to turn around when I heard a bird outside. Looking out again I saw a crow come flying at me and land on my window seal.

Falling back on the ground I listened to make sure my dad wasnt coming up, nothing. Looking more closely at the crow I saw that it had a cut on its wing.

"Your the crow I hit early, sorry about that." I said akwardly. It didnt move besides tlting its head.

"You have no Idea what Im saying do you?" I laughed. "Your lucky." I said sitting on my bed. Looking at burn "Oh yeah this, My dad got mad at me for being late, stupid right? Well thats him, always been like that, hitting me, calling me names, same to my mom. She trys to help me but before she can even touch me he threatens her. I havent had a hug, touch, or kiss from her in 3 years." Looking at the Crow I walked over to my mirror and looked at my eyes.

"You dont know how bad I need someone, to talk to, cry to, and just know that someone is there." Turning around and looking at the crow "I just want to break down and cry half the time, but I cant cause that makes my dad even more furious. I just need someone to hug, even though that sounds lame cause being alone, its the hardest thing to do." I finished wiping a tear off my cheek.

The crow flew away leaving me all alone again. Crawling into bed and turning off my light I closed my eyes and saw a crow and a butterfly...
So this chapter was hard to write with the hole abuse thing part trying to think of reactions and the how she would tell the crow how she felt.

I would like to thank damon_salvatore_lover for helping with this entire stories. From the ideas for the hole story right down to the characters! She is an awsome writer THANK YOU!

RATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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