The Crow and The Butterfly ( A Damon Salvatore Love story)

Hey so Im starting A new Series about A girl Named Athena Lynn Harlow and a Boy Damon Slavatore who fall in love. Tell me what you think about it :) Leave some comments :)

Chapter 3

Your Life isnt what It seems to be....


I walked into second hour sitting in the back row with Bonnie staring at me angirly. Like I really cared about how she felt.

"So I guess you have seen the new girl?" She whispered keeping her eyes locked at the board.

"Why do you care?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Because, I know you Damon, this girl is a challenge for you and you arent going to stop until you have her." She said with a tinge of hate in her voice.

"Serioulsy calm down! I Have the sitiation under control!" I said loudly enough for Mrs.Johnson to come to back and send me out into the hall way. She was an Idiot to think that I would actully stay in the hall way for 30 minutes. Getting up I walked down the hall way and out into the parking lot leaning aganist my car. The bell rang and it was time for lunch.

"Hey Jessica!" I shouted giving her my famous crooked smile. "Wanna go get some lunch?" I asked. She nearly sprinted over to me like a desprete freak.

"Sure! Where are we going?" She asked letting herself into my car. Rolling my eyes and faking a smile I got in on the drivers side and started the car.

"Just leave it to me." I said widening my eyes. She couldnt stop staring at me the hole car ride, I was getting very annoyed. Leaving town I took an off road path into the middle of no where.

"Umm Damon, theres no restaurants out here." She said getting out and looking around.

"Not for you anyways." I said walking towards her.

"Damon what are you doing?" She asked backing up tripping over a rock.

"Its okay, It will all be over soon." I said grabbing her neck with one hand and covering her mouth with the other hand. Sucking quickly her screams began to stop as she started to lose consciousness. Really! I mumbled pulling away and whiping my mouth.

"You didnt even last a minute!" I yelled.

"You will forget this happened." I said staring into her eyes.

"I will forget." She said in a daze.

"You will show no one your neck and you will walk home talking to no one on the way there." I said dropping her on the ground.

"take this, your breath smells like..." Sniffing the air "Tuna" I said backing away and throwing a piece of gum at her. My throat started to burn, I gotta find something to eat. Slowing down my breathing I transformed into a crow. Taking flight l looked around for lonley people that the world wouldnt care about if they went missing.

I was about to turn around when some idiot came driving at me almost killing me. Landing on the side of the road I saw that it was Athena who had almost killed me.

"Sorry I almost killed you." She laughed. Yeah It was going to be so funny when I suck your blood and leave you not knowing where you are, hilarious.

"Oh my god, dad is gonna kill me!" She screamed in fear. What was going on? She took off in her car so I decided to follow. Flying high above her I landed in a tree outside her house while she ran inside almost tripping on the stairs. Clumsy girl. Looking inside the window I watched helplessy as her dad slapped her across the face and pulled her into the kitchen by her hair. Why wasnt her mom doing anything!! I wanted to scream, but it looks like Athena had the screaming covered. He was bruning her hand! Watching her dissapear up the stairs I flew to a tree by her window.

Crowing I had to get her attention, I finally tapped on her window and flew back to the tree quickly. Watching her open I noticed there was no screen in her window. That can be an easy spot for some potential dangerous sneaky guy to get into her room... Like me I chuckled inside. Flying onto her window seal I saw her fall back then get really quite, was this girl bi-polar or something?

"Your the crow I hit early, sorry about that." She said oddly. I tilted my head, why is she talking to a crow?

"You have no Idea what Im saying do you?" She laughed. Little do you know I thought.

"Your lucky." She said. Me? Lucky? Im a 164 year old teenager who is cursed to drink blood for eternity from hot girls who are just swooning over me, I am pretty lucky.

"Oh yeah this, My dad got mad at me for being late, stupid right? Well thats him, always been like that, hitting me, calling me names, same to my mom. She trys to help me but before she can even touch me he threatens her. I havent had a hug, touch, or kiss from her in 3 years." She finished with tears filling her eyes. It was hard to see her like this, why would anyone want to hurt Her? I asked wishing that I could just go in there and hold her in my arms telling her everything is going to be alright.

"You dont know how bad I need someone, to talk to, cry to, and just know that someone is there." She turned around and looked at me, I have never seen a look like this one before, well not for a long time"I just want to break down and cry half the time, but I cant cause that makes my dad even more furious. I just need someone to hug, even though that sounds lame cause being alone, its the hardest thing to do." Whiping a tear off her cheek, I took off flying again, I didnt want to leave her but I couldnt see her like that anymore. Knowing what the real situation was at home, where those brusises came from It hit me. I had to make her open up to me, she needs someone to protect her.


I awoke to screaming and yelling, nothing new here. Sighing and getting up I unwrapped my hand to check on if it was healing, It wasnt. Great! I thought to myself. My hand is burnt, we arent even celebrating christmas tomorrw. We havent celebrated a real christmas since I was 12, 4 years ago. Going into the bathroom I shut the door and started my shower. Getting undressed and getting in I was very careful of my hand. Rubbing my lavender shampoo into my hair I breathed in and out deep trying to run through the days events in my head. Washing my body with my twilight woods body wash I rinsed off and stepped out.

Wiping the fog off the mirror I saw a strange girl standng behind me in the reflection. Turning around quickly I was breathing quickly, What.... what was that! Running out of the bathroom and into my room I shut the door and leaned aganist it. Calming my self down I walked over to my closet and picked out the outfit for the day. I was in no mood today to do anything fancy so I through on a gray hollister hoodie with dark was skinny jeans and my gray uggs. Slowly I walked into the bath room looked around and quickly pulled my hair back into a messy bun. After I was finished getting ready I grabbed my school bag and walked down stairs quietly.

"Where did dad go?" I asked looking around.

"We went to go buy some more beer." She said looking out side then reaching under the sink pulling out a box.

" I know you dad has been lashing worse then usual." She said looking at my hand. "But I got you something for chirstmas." Taking the box I put it into my bag. I was about to give her a hug when my dad walked in, drunk.

"Whats going on here?" He slithered walking towards me and my mom. My mom backing up was terrifed.

"Nothing I was just saying bye before I went to school." I said walking towards the door. Turning around to grab my keys my dad already had them in his hand.

"Dad I need my keys!" I said walking over to him trying to get them back.

"You can walk, its not that far." Getting in my face he spit on me making me furious. Taking my keys from him I turned around where he grabbed my wrist squeezing it so hard so I would let go. Dropping the keys I pushed him away I grabbed my bag and ran outside. Yep of course it was raining, its only four miles. Looking at my cell phone it was 7:37. Walking towards the school I completely drenched within minutes of walking.

Hearing a car pull up behind me I turned around to see a black Camero stop, with stupid Damon Salvatore in it, expect he didnt look like his usual, selfcentered, ego manic, annoying, rude self. He looked concerned like he actully cared.

"Athena, what are you doing?" He asked driving at my walking speed so he could continue to talk to me. Stopping and turning towards him I rolled my eyes.

"Damon, what does it look like im doing?" I asked.

"Well it looks like a pretty girl walking in the freezing cold rain when she should be in my warm car letting me take her to school." He said smiling, not his crooked smile, a real smile.

"Are you trying to make me like you or somting." I asked shrugging my shoulders.

"Well is it working?" He asked reaching over and opening the door. Smiling I got in and shut the door, he was right his car was very warm. Taking off my hoodie my shirt was even wet.

" Woah I was trying to get you to like me.. but if you have other things in mind" pausing he finsihed "I wont arugue" He laughed smiling at me. Punching him in the arm I laughed but then stopped holding my hand in pain trying to not let Damon see.

"Athena, what happened to your hand?" He asked looking at me then the road repeating this action.

"Oh this... I slipped and accidently landed on the oven, stupid move I know." I laughed knowing he didnt believe me. Pulling over onto the side of the road he looked at me.

"Then what about the black eye?" He asked gentally running his hand over it sending chills all through out my body. Why was he acting this way, its so out of character. Looking up at him there was a look in his eyes, he knew something.

"I ran into a.. um" My voice turned into a whisper. I had never seen this side of Damon before. He came closer and closer to me, I couldnt do this though, yes I would loved to kiss him and just stay in this moment forever but I barley knew him I couldnt give up this much of myself. Backing away I leaned back in my seat shivering. Damon returning to his position, never letting go of my hand. Smiling I bit my lip. Pulling into the school parking lot the rain began to pour harder causing a full of thunder storm. Looking out the window Damon stopped the car and reached into the back seat and handing my his jacket.

"Damon, Its okay I just have to walk inside the building." I smilied.

"And until then you get the honor of whereing my jacket." He insited. Sighing I took it and put it on, I was warmer in seconds. He was about to get out when I grabbed his hand.

"Thanks" Smiling I relseed his hand and got out into the pouring rain. Walking me into the school everyone was staring, I kind of liked it.

"Damon I dont know if your skipping class of something but its this way." I said gesturing towards the classroom.

"Umm yeah I gotta go to the office, I will meet you there." He said smiling then walking into the office. Shaking my head and exhaling I walked into the class and took my seat as usual. Elena was staring at me very surprised about me whereing Damons jacket.

"Okay class so how are everyones essays coming along?" Mr.Davis asked overwhelmed by happiness, This guy needs a puppy of something.

"How about today you guys just get to work on them, doesnt that sound like fun?" he laughed "You may talk but keep it quiet" And with that Elena was already asking me about the jacket.

"I was walking, he picked me, I was cold, end of story." I said writing about my favorite things to do. Grabbing the pencil from my hand I surrender to Elena's questions.

"First off, what happened to your eye, are you okay?" She asked frowning.

"I slipped in the shower." I laughed. She didnt believe me either.

"Athena, I want you to know you can trust me, You can always be honest with me, we are best friends." She smilied.

"Yeah... I guess we are." I smilied giving her a hug. The final bell rang and Damon never showed up to class.

"Athena, we are going to be late." She said taking my hand and pulling me towards the classroom.

"One minute I just have to see something." I smiled. She nodded and let go.

Watching Damon come out the office I walked over to him and tapped on his shoulder. Turing around something was wrong with his eyes, they were black and the vains around his eyes were popping out. Backing up he turned back around.

"Athena, you need to go to class." Damon said in a deep voice, one I havent heard from him.

"Whats wrong with your eyes?" I asked trying to turn him back around. When he did they were back to the blue eyes that were staring at me so lovingly in the car.

"Nothing Athena, maybe the rain gave you a cold or something." Taking my hand he kissed it "I will see you third hour, you got transfered into Mr. Smiths drawing and painting class, with me." He handing me my sechdule.

"Wait how did...." Getting cut off by Damon he pushed me towards class.

"Im not 4 years old I can get to class my self." I said out of the way of his hands.

"Well by the way you were acting this morning I would say other wise."

Sighing I walked into class where Mr.Moore was impatiently waiting for me. Sitting down he gave me a stern look and started class. Elena kept looking at my eye then my hand, she was very concerned I guess Mr. Moore was to.

"Ms.Harlow can I speak with you a moment." He said gesturing his hand to come over to his desk. Elena mouthed the word why to me, I shurgged my shoulders and went over to his desk.

"Is everything okay at home? I noticed your eye and your hand is wrapped up." he said taking off his glasses.

"oh yeah just an accident with the oven and some water spilt on the floor." I laughed.

"Okay... but please come talk to me if there ever is a problem at home." He said giving me on of his akward smile's. Nodding I exited the classroom and walked down the hall into the lunch room.

Looking for Stefan and Elena, they were no where to be found. Grabbing a apple and a water it felt like Everyone was staring at me, thats beacsue everyone was...

After an akward lunch the bell rang and I walked down the hall way and into Mr.Smiths class. Seeing Damon I walked over and sat down by him."Okay class I would just like you to draw anything you want today so we can keep track of your progress through out the year," Mr.Smith was a very good looking teacher. Blond hair that was longer that what you would see a teacher having, good bone structure and and beautiful green eyes.

"So I see you found the class alright." Damon said drawing what looked like a ring that would be from the 1800's.

"Well I am here arent I?" I laughed getting out my sketch book and drawing a crow.

"Why are you drawing a crow?" He scoffed.

"Hey dont judge, and I dont know. I might sound weird but I talked to this crow and I swear it was actully listening to me, Its like my crow." I laughed. Damon smiled when I said "my crow".

"I just noticied but you, Elena and Stefan all have the same ring?" I said touching his ring. Pulling his hand away I pulled mine away and continued drawing.

"thats very nice, Athena." Mr. Smith said walking by. All the girls were staring at me and Damon for the hole period, they were so jealous. I didnt feel like going to study hall so I went outside and stood by Damons Camero. Seeing him walking put of the building I could see the slight smirk on his face. Rolling my eyes he unlocked the car and I got in.

"You just cant stay away now can you." He said backing out of the parking spot and out on to the road.

'Hows your burn doing?" He turning right around the block and towards my house.

'Fine, It still hurts though." Parking in front of my house he stopped and put his hand on the back of my chair. I was about to get out when he reached over and shut the door.

"What?" I asked sharply. Raising his eyebrows at me he rolled his eyes.

"Why wont you let me in?" He asked leaning closer to me. I couldnt let this happen the last time I let someone in I was hurt, more than emontionally.

'Damon dont do this" I said opening up my door.

"Why are you doing this to yourself?" He asked looking at me hard.

"Because, you wouldnt understand." Shutting the door I ran inside, past my parents and upstairs to my room. Locking the door a few tears ran down my face. Pulling the present out of my bag from this morning I sat down on my bed and opened it slowly. Pulling the ribbon off I tore at the paper and reveled a black velvet box. Opening it, it reveled a beautiful necklace.

(the necklace)

Walking over to my closet I lifted up one of the floor boards I found when we first moved in. Yes, I want to where it everyday its beautiful, but if my dad saw it he would ruin it. My train of thought was interupted when the crow landed on my window seal.

"Hey there, I see your back." I said to the crow walking over to my bed and sitting on it with my legs crossed. Reaching down to my school bag I pulled out my sketch book. Flipping through the pages I went to the crow one and pulled it out.

"Looks like you huh? I did a good job I think." I said showing the crow the picture then showing it to myself. "I have one more though." Finding the picture I drew I couple of nights ago I showed it to the crow.

"Its Damon Salvatore a boy who goes to my school. You see he has been getting closer to me but I cant let him in, becasue of what Ezra did to me." The crow made a crowing sound.

"Shh! but anyways, I think I finally know how I fell about him, though I could never tell him, It would ruin everything." I said looking at the picture I drew of him.

"I think I love him..."

WOW! Quibblo can make me mad sometimes! lol Well MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you all have great holidays! I was excicted to write this chapter cause I wanted to see Damon and Athena get closer!

As always I'd like to thank damon_salvatore_lover for the Ideas and support!

Thanks for the the comments! PEACE LOVE AND JOY To everyone :) :) :)

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