The Crow and The Butterfly ( A Damon Salvatore Love story)

Hey so Im starting A new Series about A girl Named Athena Lynn Harlow and a Boy Damon Slavatore who fall in love. Tell me what you think about it :) Leave some comments :)

Chapter 4

Christmas Time Sucks

"MEEEEEERY CHRISTMAS Mystic Falls! From Zeke and Mike from Movin 100.7 we hope you and your families have a happy holiday!" The radio blasted.

"Unlikely" I scoffed. Deck the halls started to play on the radio, even though it was christmas I still didnt like holiday music. Leaning over to my night stand I turned off my radio and sighed with releif. Situating back into my regular position I continued to work on the song I was writing.

"I was trying to fly but I couldn't find wings you came along and you changed everything.." Writing down the lyrics with one hand I held my guitar with the other. Strumming my guitar trying to find the right notes I was inturrpted by a knock at my door.

"Come in." I said setting down my guitar and quickly throwing my notebook on the ground, and pulling a random book out of my bag pretencind to read it. Coming in my mom sat down at the end of my bed and rested her hand on my leg.

"The Dictionary, good choice." She laughed taking the book from my hands. After the akward silence I finally came out with it.

"Wheres dad? Hes hasnt been around latley?" I asked pulling away my leg and hugging it.

"Actully im not sure, I woke up and he wasnt here. So I was thinking that maybe we could have like a girls day." She smiled. I would love to have a girls day with her, talk about boys, school, and all the drama a teenage girl goes though, like regular teenage girls can do, but im not ordinary teenage girl.

"Mom, you know that if dad came home he would be infureated, I cant do that to you, us." I finished with a whisper. She was about to respond but I reached over and gave her a hug. Hugging me back hot tears started to fall down my face. Laughing I pulled away, she was giving me a big smile.

"Mom I have a question?" I asked leaning aganist my head bord. She nodded so I went on.

"Why do you stay with Dad? He beats us and yells all the time, so why?" I asked knowing that this was a very touchy subject with her.

'Athena, theres things that I have to keep from you to keep you safe, and me being with Mike keeps you safe." She said putting her hand on my cheek and smiling at me." Pushing her hand away I got a little angry that she wouldnt tell me the truth.

"Stop telling me that! Mom Im not safe here!" Unwrapping my hand and pulling my side swept bangs back. "Does this look like im safe!?" She looked away trying to deny the truth. "Look at me!" Turning her head towards me I could see tears running down her face, making me feel like sh///it, but I have had enough.

"Mom, Im scared to go to sleep at night, scared that wh-when I make a mistake im going to be hit, or slapped, or even burned for it! When we moved here it was supposed to get better. But this mom!" I point to my bruises on my arms. "This is worse! I cant bring friends home, or have sleep overs! Mom we cant even have a animal because we know what dad will do to it." Before I could continue I heard a car pull up. Walking over the window I pulled back the curtain and saw dad walking in.

"Dad's here you better go." I said sitting back down on my bed. Standing up she walked towards the door before she left I heard her whisper two words.

'Merry Christmas." and with that she left gentleing shuting my door. Starting to cry I muffle my crys with my hand trying to make as quiet as possible. "CALIFORNIA GIRLS WERE UNFORGETABLE!" my phone started blasting pulling my self together I answered while wiping away a tear.

"H-hello?" I said pulling up sleeve and wiping my nose.

"Athena... are you okay?" Damon asked sounding concerned. Smiling I was relieved to hear his voice.

"Yeah just woke up." I laughed knowing he didnt buy it for a minute.

"Well I called wondering if you wanted to go get dinner.. with me... tonight." He asked pausing after almost everyword, It was cute.

"Uh yeah sure." I answered trying to not sound overly excited. "But where are we going to go on christmas night?" I laughed.

"The Grill always has some lonely loser working working on Christmas." He scoffed "But if your family going to be okay with the hole ditching them on Christmas thing?"

Thinking about the earlier insadent with my mom I answered quickly "Yeah they will be okay. Sooo what time should I meet you there?" I asked getting happier by the minute how about at 8?" He said.

"Okay I will see you then." Hanging up the phone I looked at my clock 4 p.m. Sighing I got up and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a snack. Avoiding both of my parents I grabbed the box on ranch wheat thins and walked back upstairs. After eating a few wheat thins I stripped in the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I used my Hydrating Matrix hair products so my hair would look real nice, plus I remember damon commenting on the smell. After Shaving my legs and putting some dark kiss body butter on them I wrapped my hair into a towel, put my purple robe and practically skipped back into my room and looked at my dresses.

(your Dress)-

Walking back into the bathroom I curled my hair in loose curls and put in a brown head band with a bow on it. Back in my room I put on some silver hoops and a matching necklace. My silver heels tied the hole thing together. I had put on some conclear, black eyeliner, gold eyeshadow, and mascara.

Walking down stairs my mom smiled when she looked at me, my dad just glared. "Mom do you think you could give me a ride to the grill, I dont wanna get lost." I asked smoothing out my dress. She was already grabbing her coat by the time I finished asking.

"Why in the he//ll are you going to the grill dressed like that?" My dad asked leaning up in his recliner.

"Well I have a date with a boy from school." I responded grabbing my purse, I had forgotten my jacket upstairs but since my dad was in a good mood I just wanted to leave quickly before his mood changed and everything would be ruined.

"He must have low expectations." He laughed, rolling my eyes I walked out of the house and into my mom's 2010 Honda Civic.

"So who is this boy?" She asked looking at the GPS and typing in "The Grill."

"His name is Damon Salvatore." I said lookin in the visor mirror. When I said salvatore, the vibe changed in the car, my mom was worried.

"Is he by chance related to Stefan Salvatore?" She asked gripping the steering wheel tight and turning left.

"Um yeah they are brothers why?" I asked messing with my dress, what was going on?

"No reason, just please be careful, I have heard some things about those two and I dont want to getting hurt.

"I'll be fine." I said in a bad tone while rolling my eyes.

"Its just that." Inturupting her I said "Oh look we are here." Pulling in to the parking lot my mom asked me when she should come get me.

"Um no Damon will give me a ride home." I smiled "Love you." Shutting the door I waved her off and I walked into the grill. The smell of steak and fries filled the restaurant. Walking down three steps I looked around. There was a pool table with a few people playing. A bar with some guy in a suit drinking, and lots of Booths. Taking my seat I looked at my phone 8:05, its okay hes just running a little late I thought to myself.

"Hi welcome to the grill what can I get you anything to drink?" The waitress asked pen in hand.

"Um actully Im just waiting for someone to meet me here." I said smiling back at her.

"Well just let me know when you are ready to order." She said walking off and asking other tables the same question. Checking my phone again, 8:30. Taking a deep breath I dialed Damons number and hit send...... 3 rings later it went straight to voicemail. Tapping my fingers on the table I started to become impatient. Hearing the Verizon music play my phone shut off.

"Just freaking great." I mumbled to myself. Time just kept passing by making me even more angry but by the time 11:00 came along I was just heartbroken.

"Um, mam we are closing down so I must ask you to leave." The manager said motioning me towards the door. Noticing the rain coat he was wearing I could tell that this would be a fun walk home, in my dress with no coat, and heels FML.

"Sorry." I sighed. Getting up out of my booth I walked towards the door with the manager following me. Stepping outside I started getting drenched with rain. Locking the door he got into his car and drove away, not even letting me call someone for a ride. Taking off my heels I walked through the parking lot getting stopped half way by the sound of foot steps behind me.

"Hello..." I asked turning around slowly. The sounds of footsteps running through rain puddles surrounded me. Th rain continued to fall as I whiped my head back and forth trying to find the source of the sound.

"You look like you wanna have a good time." Came from a dark figure walking towards me. His friend was much taller and more broad. My breathing became louder and started to speed up as they came closer and closer to me.

"Please just leave me alone." I plead starting to walk backwards trying to get away.

"Come on girl dont you want to have a good time." The broader man said approaching my and taking my waist in between his hands. Dropping my heels I tried pushing him away when his friend came up behind me.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I shouted wiggling around pushing their hands off of me. They started to grind me making my terrifed. "HELP!" I screamed as loud as I could when my voice started to crack. Kneeing the guy in front of me in the stomach the guy in the back let go long enough for me to break away.

"Jackson get up!" The man yelled pulling him up.

"Alex, get her!" Jackson yelled. Alex came running after me and caught up within seconds.

"Please dont hurt me." I cried, hot tears were running down my face. Instead of slapping me of yelling at he growled and his started to darken to a pitch black color. The veins around his eyes began to pop out and turn a dark purple.

"What are you?" I whispered.

"Dont worry, one bite and its all over." He whispered breathing on my neck. Trashing around his mouth got closer to my neck. Opening his mouth he pulled away when the sound of tires screeching came to a hault into the parking lot. Stefan stepped out of the car and ran over to me. Pulling Alex off of me he threw him at Jackson.

"Athena come on." He said quickly while taking my hand and leading me to the passanger side of the car. Getting in on the other side he put the car in reverse and spun around taking off away from the grill. Turning around every 5 seconds Stefan finally pulled over once we were far away enough from the grill to calm me down.

"Stefan what the he//ll were those guys!" I asked nearly shouting.

"Athena there are some people who are crazy and those are some of those people." He said in a soothing tone.

"Stefan, his eyes changed colors and the veins aroudn his eyes! They were popping out! and he started to growl and.." Cutting my off Stefan smiled and said "Take a breath." Breathing I calme down but I was still very jumpy.

"Please just tell me what they were, it wasnt normal." I asked.

"I have no idea." He said turning up the heat. "But why were you there in the first place.

"Damon and I had a date, and he never showed up... like a D!//ck." I said pulling down the visor mirror, I looked like a wreck. My makeup had ran down my face and my hair was wet and a wavy frizzy mess and my dress completely ruined. Looking at myself and thinking about what had happened Stefan lifted up my chin and sighed sadly.

"Athena I hate seeing you like this, I have to tell you but I need Elena with me." He said pulling away from the curb and driving 6 blocks north till we hit Maple Lane. Pulling into a drive way there was a cute little house in front of us. Walking in I felt very safe and secure, better than I have felt in a long time. To my left was a den with a leather couch, chair and tv with some homey decorations. There was a stair case which lead to 2 bedrooms, a closet, and 2 bathrooms. Ahead of me was the kitchen/dining room. After the tour I sat down on the couch not realizing how bad my feet hurt until then. Seeing Damons jacket on the couch I threw it on the ground and rested aganist the arm rest.

Elena walke in with a blanket and sat down next to me. She smiled and leaned over to give me a hug. Hugging her back I pulled away and smiled at her. Her smile faded when Stefan walked in nodding. Sitting in the chair across from us he ran his hand through his hair.

"Athena, the only reason Damon has been taking a intrest in you is because..." she stopped looking like she was trying to find the right words.

"He is trying to make me jealous.." He voice faded away as the last word left her mouth.

'What...." I asked as tears started to fill me eyes, again. It couldnt be true...

"Athena.. Im so sorry." Elena said going to give me a hug. Wrapping her arms around I couldnt move, I felt numb.

"I thought I loved him." I whispered into her ear. She pulled away, hearing Damons car pull up in the drive way.

"Thank you, both of you, for telling me the truth." I smiled at them both, It faded when I heard the front door shut.

"So I took Sarah home and she..." He stoppe donce he made eye contact with me. "Athena, I.." Getting up I got close to enough where there was no space between us. Lookign up at him I could see his eyes were full of guilt.

"You lied to me." I said looking up at him straight in the eyes.

"Athena I can explain." He said trying to put his hand on my face where my black eye was healing.

"Dont Touch me." I hissed.

"Are you really going to act like this?" He asked rudely. I cant believe he just asked that, after what he has done to me. "Also what happened to you?"

"You would know if you actully showed up on our date." I said coldly never breaking eye contact.

"Okay If you would just stop acting like a brat I would explain." He said giving me a fake smile.

Slapping him across the face I said "Why dont you explain to Elena, that is who you love right." Turning around I walked back over to the couch sat down and pulled my dress over my legs that were tucked to my chest.

"Athena I'm sorry." He said sincerily. One silent tear fell down my face as I heard him get angry slam the front and leave...

Hey everyone So I hope you enjoyed this chapter It was intense! Sorry it took so long! I have had some major wrtiers block so if you have any ideas message me! Thanks to everyone for the comments and ideas. You guys rock!!!


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