who will you marry?(part 54)

Chapter 1

The Rescue (part 2)

The sun begins to go down rapidly and you continue to sit down with ur back against the willow tree trying to keep ur eyes open for any danger or sign of jhoony’s return. But the warmth of air around you and peaceful sounds of the forest is not helping. So dawn, why did u pick me? u think to her. Well, she says as if trying to choosing her words carefully we as dragons don’t exactly get to choose our riders. so your saying that me getting you as a guardian was purely chance? Not exactly more like we were old enough like 1000 yrs or so we begin to feel thoughts and feeling of our future riders like whether they are happy, sad or in pain but are only able to truly awaken once the dreamer pass the test or the old fashioned way of our riders touching our egg creating an unbreakable bound. So if I hadn’t been successful in passing my dreamers test you would have been stuck there in limbo forever? Pretty much yes she says quietly, but then you already passed it so you have nothing to worry about. A rustle in the bushes to your right causes you to stand up slowly carefully walking closer to the bush as the rustling gets louder and louder as you begin to feel your blood pumping in your ears as you get within touching distance of the bush holding your breath as are about to search the bush to find out who or what is making the sound. When jhoony pops up out the bushes saying,” boo” did I scare you? He says laughing. Your lucky your cute you growl angrily , trying to bring your heart rate down. Oh come on it not like you would have truly hurt me, would you? he grins tilting his head slightly and his huge green eyes become downcast. Making you feel a little bad for getting angry at him, you sigh softly saying, its okay I forgive u gently touching and scratching him behind the ear making him purr softly. . Realizing how much greener his eyes look up close as his eyes meet yours and your heart begin racing as if never before. You begin to realize how much you enjoy being with jhoony, for he like the little brother you never had, so irritating but yet so cute. But then he so sweet always trying to get you to smile and by going out his way to help you by whatever means neccesary.

You okay?, he murmurs his lips within inches of yours, you see something in his eyes as if he wants to say something else to you and then all the sudden he looks away from you his cheeks becoming a little red. I should be asking you the same thing, you whisper, as your about to touch his cheek when he flinches away from you suddenly. Changing the subject he pulls out a simple peasant dress that doesn’t look too clean seemingly out of no where handing it to you telling u put it on, that its your costume and it will help you blend in as a servant. You did not steal this from anyone did u? you say playfully as you examine the dress and that trademark boyish smile returns as he looks innocently at you saying, of course not I got skills and what girl could say no to this face as he winks at you. You cant help but giggle as you have him close his eyes as you quickly put on the dress and it only comes up to your knees and it makes you feel like ur back in the orphanage always wearing hand me down clothes that were either made for someone shorter than you or much bigger than you that they always said that u would eventually grow into. Thinking to yourself I can do as you are about to head toward the castle when jhoony says hold on. What the problem is something wrong beginning to examine yourself trying to figure out what wrong. When he says to you look too clean what are you talking about?

say and all the sudden grabs you around the waist pulling you close against him pulling out a small sharp knife, so you try to back away saying what in the hell are you doing jhoony? Pulling you closer, he forces with other hand to look in his eyes and his once playful green eyes are serious but something about the way he looks at you makes you trust him. You stop struggling remaining completely still closing ur eyes thinking ur jhoony wouldn’t hurt you. Feeling the cold steel knife against your thigh you gasp audibly as he leans almost causally towards your ear almost laying his head on your shoulder, he whispers don’t be scared but someone is watching us. Your heart begin racing as feel the knife slowly moving upwards against ur body, then all the sudden you feel something whiz by ur ear and there a thud as if someone fell to the ground.


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