PoEm_BiG bAd MoRgAn

Most of the stuff is what stepdad tells me I am and lately everytime they start yell at me I just simply tell them its just another attack from the big bad Morgan. They must think i am out to get them or Something.

Chapter 1

The Big Bad Morgan

Beware for the creature near,
Dark and frightening for all to hear,
No one wants to hear what it has to say,
The creature doesnt care about his day,
Disrespectful to her elders,
Watch out for the big bad Morgan,
She is wrong and mean to all near,
Doesnt care if she brings you to the brink of tears,
Doesnt care about anybody but her,
Her attitude will set you off,
Watch out for the big bad Morgan,
Oh wait, thats me.


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