Life with the Sonic gang

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Chapter 10


"Robyn, you know I love you! I always will, but I-I have to leave." Shadow said gripping my hands firmly. "Why? Why do you need to go so soon! You're the only one left who understands me! Who loves me!" I pleaded, crying. Why does life do this to me? Just when it starts getting better it goes downhill again! "You're just in more danger with me around okay? That's all I can say right now! Goodbye. I love you." Shadow said. Before I could say that I love him too, he disappeared. "SHADOW!" I screamed. "What happened?" Sonic asked, approaching me. Just when I was about to say something rude to him I collapsed, sobbing and sobbing. "Shadow-he's gone! He said he was too dangerous. Oh Sonic! WHY?!" I cried. Sonic just shrugged and ran. Why would he want to listen to me rant on about how sad I was? I certainly don't have the patience to even listen to myself? What's giving me the thought that SONIC- who I've treated badly the past couple weeks-would wan to listen to me mourn about Shadow leaving? I wouldn't.

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