Life with the Sonic gang

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Chapter 2

The Fight of my Life

I met Rouge in a soccer field with bleacher on either side. One side were fans with Rouge the other fans for me, most people on my side. Knuckles was waiting on Rouge's side with a foam finger and a drink on his right. I rolled my eyes. If he didn't jump off a cliff soon I was going to push him off. As I walked closer to the field I saw Rouge. My very worst enemy. I was going to kill her! This although was not a FIST fight, but a Yo Mama Joke Fight!
I started. "Yo Mama so stupid that she got fired from an M&M factory for throwing out all the W's." Rouge smirked. Yo mama so dumb she runs to the mailbox whenever her computer beeps: "Yo mama so dumb she runs to the mailbox whenever her computer beeps: you have new mail." I laughed Is that all she had? "Yo mama so dumb she burnt her ear when her phone rang while she was ironing!" Rouge rolled her eyes. "Yo mama so skinny she needs to wear barbie clothing!" She said. I laughed. "Yo Mama so stupid she actually laughs at your jokes!" I shot back. Rouge blinked "Um uh..." She stuttered. Oh my gosh! She didn't have anything mean to say this time! "Come on Rouge! Don't you have anything to say?" I taunted. Rouge blinked speechless. My side cheered. I had won.

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