Life with the Sonic gang

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Chapter 3

What Happened To Me?

Even though the fight was over Rouge said, "Yo mama so ugly she had you!" Oh my gosh. She went too far again! That's it. This wasn't a fist fight before, but now it is. I punched her right on her face. My side didn't cheer. All they did was stare. Now I went too far. I stood there, staring at the crowd with a suprised, upset face. They all left while giving me dirty looks. I really didn't fit in now. I think nobody will ever forgive me. Rouge got up and left. Everybody hated me already so she didn't have to do anything bad to me. But Knuckles was ready to fight since nobody would see. He punched me, hard. "Don't mention this to ANYONE or bad, bad things will happen to you." he said. That was my first threat from a guy. I just layed there, alone. I thought and thought, about a lot of things.
Rouge came back after about a half hour. She acted just like one of the mean popular girls in movies. "Stay away from me and my boyfriend. Or else" she said. I had to get her back this time. "You know what, Rouge. How about you stay out of my business and away from me." I said with the same mean girl attitude. Then I figured out what was happening. And I couldn't believe it. I was becoming a mean girl.

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