Life with the Sonic gang

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Chapter 4

In The Shadows

I went home crying more than ever. After a few hours of sobbing I decided to pull myself together. I went down stairs to go eat a snack when I heard a knock at my door. I approached it slowly and carefully. Cautiously I opened the door. There at my door was goody two(super fast) shoes, Sonic, probably ready to tell me off about the Rouge incident. "What do you want?" I scoffed. "I just wanted to know what happened with the Rouge thing. You punched her! I mean I've known you since preschool and I thought I'd never see you do anything like that!" Sonic said. "Well, I guess you were wrong." I said coldly. Sonic stood there blinking. He was shocked. "Well?" I asked. "See ya." Sonic said harshly running off.
I laid in my bed more wishing that this day would just end.I closed my eyes drifting off, but again someone was knocking at the door. I opened up my bedroom door and stomped down my stairs. I opened the door once more angrier and more irritated then I have ever felt. All those feelings melted away when I saw Shadow at the door. "Hi." I said sadly. He probably heard about what I did to Rouge and was here to be mean. "What you did to Rouge was great!" Shadow said proving my theory wrong. "Really?" I asked. "Yes! She always gets on my nerves!" Shadow said. "At least someone's on my side." I sighed and told Shadow to come inside.

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