The Axe Man

The Axe Man

A story that takes place in indianapolis IN during fall nd around halloween time
hope yuh like it plz comment
There Will be a # 2

Chapter 1

Can't Wait Till Halloween

by: Mika
"Kylee, Kyle get down here we need to be leaving in 5 minutes!" The twins mother said anciously. Kylee and Kyle are 12 year old twins and hardly ever got along, and the only time they werent argueing they were in seperate rooms.
"Get off of me!" Kylee said going down the stairs.
" Im not on you your on me." Kyle said with a little shove he gave to his sister.
"Stop it the both of you everyday you argue why cant you just be nice to eachother for once! You two should be ashamed of yourselves! I don't know how you guys can yell at eachother for so long." Their mother said feriously.On the way to the costume store no one said a word their mom was shocked to hear well nothing but the sound of the almost silent radio.When they got to the store Kylee picked out a costume that she absolutely loved. It was a half demon half angel and she loved how it glittered. And her brother got a little bit more difficult costume that used blood and skin safe glue to make the knife that belonged on his head stay.
"Okay are you guys sure those are the costumes you want" Their mother said while they were waiting in line.
"Yes" They both said. They hopped in the car and went to El Rodeo to eat supper after that they got home and basically went to sleep for the day ahead Halloween.
"Rise and Shine Kylee its halloween! You slept in till noon" Her mother said shockingly noticing she had never sept in this late.
"It's noon already." Kylee said still half asleep.
"Yes now get up and go eat breakfast, better yet i'll bring it up to you so I don't have to listen to you and your brother argue." And when her mother got half way through the door Kylee said
"Thanks mom and Happy Halloween." Soon it was 5:30 and Kylee and Kyle started to get ready for their candy hunt. It was difficult for Kyle to get the knife to stick to his head so he asked his mom for help. Finally they were ready and out into the neiborhood they got snickers and reeses and Kyle noticed a man with an axe dressed in all black but the only thing not black was his red gloves and shoes and the man was following them.
"Mom theirs a guy following us everywhere we go." Kyle said queitly.
"No theres not hes just taking the same route as us thats all."
"Mom I actually agree with him" Kylee said and her mother looked at her and knew that if Kylee actually agreeed with him they were most likely honest because its rare to have them actually agree so their mother said ok we'll go home.But the man followed them all the way home.
" Okay well im going up stairs!' Kylee said
"I'll be upstairs too okay sweety dont stay up to late." Their mother stated to Kyle. So kyle went to the kitchen and grabbed popcorn and stuck the bag in the microwave.
"Huh dont stay up to late sweety I'll stay up as long as I want it's Halloween." Then upstairs Kylee got ready for bed turned on her T.V and grabbed her book she could have swore she saw someone pass her window and yelled
" Stop Kyle !!!! Your so annoying"
"Stop yelling" Their mother called from the other room. "I love you two" Then back downstairs Kyle hopped on the couch with his unopen bag of popcorn and turned on the T.V. set. Then out of no where there was a scream from the house. It wasnt from their mom it wasnt from kyle it was from Kylee then kyle and their mom raced into Kylee's room.
"What is going on in here you scared me half to death!"
"Theres a spider on my wall!"
"You're such a child" Her brother said
"Kill It!!!"
"No I'll take it outside you dont need to kill it." Kyle went downstairs and took the spider outside and as he walked he felt as if someone was following him so he turned around and another sudden scream came from the house.
"Now what is that." There mother said turning towards Kylee
"The stupid spider probably bit him" So they went downstairs and saw the horable sight no one would want to see. A living room full of .........

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