story of a abused child

story of a abused child

Chapter 1

heart ach

she was coming home from school but when she t in the dorr her mum was sat next a man she had never seen befor with her 2 year old brother leo on his lap.
'oh hi lilly this is mark and hes my new boyfriend'said her mum
lilly smiled at him but she saw a look in his eyes the made her uncomfitable.
Later that evening mark walked into lillys room and he took her clothes off and started raping her she was only 8 and she didnt understand what was going on.
The next morning lilly walked down stars when mark came up to her
'hey if you tell your mum or anyone about what happend last night then ill kill you and your little brother'
lilly thaught to her self he did it to leo aswell what kind of monster is he.
Lilly wanted to tell her teacher and her friends but she didnt want leo to die because of her so she kept quiet she walked home from school and walked up to her room and started playin with her dolls house.
But then he came in and started hitting and kicking her then he left her lieing there in pain then she heard her little brother screaming but she was to hurt to o and help him and her mum was out so she just had to lie there in pain and listning to little leo's cries.
every day lilly would come home from school and mark would take of her clothes and sexuilly abuse and then hit her and leave her on the floor in pain and shaking then he would go into leos room and do the same to him and lilly couldnt do anything to stop him.
'im such a bad bug sister im sapoused to protect leo adn let nothing hurt him'lilly cried to her self.
when lilly sterted secondry school it got even worse but when she was 13 she told her best friend what was happining and that she was pregnant and mark was the father her best friend called the police and told them what had happend.
Lilly and her friend went home to get leo but there was blood on the floor they walked up to leos room and saw him lieing on the floor with blood sarounding him lilly picked him up in her arms
'im so sorry this is all mu fault i love you leo'she cried rocking leo in her arms and smothing his blond hair.

This is a true story and lilly is my best friend i was the one who helped her through leos death lilly hasnt been the same ever since but i know that shell be ok right a comment if you think we should stop child abuse.xx


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