I fvcking dare you

"Dam it." I said. I touch the back of my head. sh.t why does this have to happen to me every time? I thought. Then I saw my boyfriend. David. Lucky me.

Abby, is a young girl dating this evil man that hurts her, all she wants is not to get hurt again, she wants a real relationship, but she doesn't get it. Well she ever get what she wants?

This might be true to some, but not to all.

Chapter 1


"So Abby, I guess we are here again." He said with a grin. He walk around me. Every step was a step of pain, and agony. You wouldn't like him the first time you dated him. If you told anyone about what he does to you, he knocks you out and he cuts you with is knife and he hurts you. "David, breathing heavily why breathing heavily do breathing heavily do you have to do this to me?" "Because first of all, you told Marry, your mom, and others." "But breathing heavily this is wrong." He slapped across the face, and said,"I've done this for two years and I haven't gotten cough yet." He up a mirror in fount of me. "Look at you, you poor thing." My face was all bloody, my left eye was swelled up, and my mouth was swelled up that it was bleeding. He smacked me again. I yelled out in pain. "No one will hear you. Scream as hard as you want, but no one will hear you." He grabbed my arm and with his knife he cut me. "DAVID! STOP!" "Tisk tisk tisk. Don't you ever know that I'm trying to teach you a lesson?" "All you are is a ahole." This time, he kicked me. "You never call me that!" "Do what ever you want to me, but if you kill me, I will go up to God and you will go down to Satin for what you have done to girls!" He grabbed my hand and cut it so hard that I was bleeding so hard that blood filled my hand. I wasn't tied up to the chair, so I was plaining that once I spit on him I would get up and run. "Ah ha! You sun of a b.tch!" He leaned in close and I said,"You will pay. You bastard." I spit in his face and he backed off and I got up and I ran for the door. "Oh no you don't!" He yelled. I've got to get out of here. He's going to hurt me more! I thought. I got to the door and opened it and slammed it on his face. "Fvck!" He yelled. I ran for my car and started it. "ABBY! YOU WILL PAY!" I drove off.


I got home to find my mother. I only had my mother. "Oh Abby, what did he do to you?" "Mom." I began to cry. "I can't tack it anymore! That bastard has done so much to me!" "Come here." She said. She got me ice for my eye, and ace wrap for my leg and paper towels for my cuts. "Mom, he has done so many things to me, that I can't even go to school. I just want to stay home until I get better." "Ok honey, you stay home until you get better. I will bring your homework home and you can do most." "Ok." I just want to break up with that bastard. I don't want to deal with this anymore.


The next day was bad. He came over when my mother wasn't home. "I told you that you would pay." "David, leave now or I'm calling the police and telling them everything." He slapped me. "Oh no you don't." Then my mom came in my room. "David, leave now. I'll call the police if you don't leave. I know everything. Leave." He turned to me and said,"You told her???" "Leave." I said. Then he stormed out of the room. "Honey, you don't need to be scared." "Mom, when he's here, I've scared, he smacks me, kicks me, cuts me, and doesn't even care. I want him gone or dead!" I yelled.


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