Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my second story written on Quibblo :)

Disclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and not Quibblo

By the way, this story had poor writing quality because I wrote it when I was around 11 years old, haha.

Chapter 2

First Meetings (this chapter is for 'seeing_your_future'!!!!!!)

by: MrsRadke
I found THE cutest outfit for the party. I had just finished applying my makeup when Ahsley knocked on the door. "Enter." I told her happily. "OMG be careful tonight!" she told me, appraising my outfit. "Why?" I asked her, putting the last bit of glitter on my face. "You look like a hooker! In the good way though." she said nodding her head and smiling. "Really? Thank you! I haven't looked that good since kindergarden!" I said laughing. I got up from the chair I was sitting in and we walked out of the room. I made sue to close the door just in case we have some pedophile neighbors over. "How do I look?" she asked me when we were standing in the hallway. She did a 360 so I could see the entire thing. "Very tranny-ish" I told her in a matter-of-fact tone. (btw thats not an insult to trannys, i mean that in a good way. u'll see in a minute) "She's trannylicious oh!" she sang. We both laughed. "You like Johnnyboy too?" I asked her as we walked down the stairs.
"Of course!" she said cheerily as we entered the kitchen. She handed me a 24-pack of Mountain Dew. "Oh I love this stuff!" I said. "Me too, can you help me bring it into the basement?" she asked taking another pack in her hands. "Can you really hold that?" I asked her, she looked like she was going to drop it.. "No, I got it." she said pushing it up with her leg. We were walking towards the basement when the doorbell rang. I put down my box and opened the door.
There were two girls standing there, one kind of reminded me of how a Nazi girl should look, but more friendly. The other looked a little like Tiffani Thessian (I don't know if I spelled her name right but she was Kelly on saved by the bell.) "Uhhhhh hey is Ashley here?" The blonde one asked. She was already at the door though. "Hey you guys!" she said hugging the both akwardly because she still had the box in her other hand. "This is Jennette and Genie They live up the street."
"What up?" I said, giving them both bro-hugs. They both got it right away, I think we're going to be great friends. "Shane." I said to them. "Sweet name, can we come in?" Genie asked.
"Oh yeah, sorry my manners aren't the best." I said laughing slightly.
"Hey can you both grab a box from the kitchen and bring it downstairs? Thanks." Ashley said walking into the basement. I picked up my box and waited for them to come back. When they did we went downstairs. We had to squeeze by though because Ashley was coming up at the same time we were going down. We set the boxes down in a corner with the rest of them, then we sat on the couch in the lounge area. "So what are you doing at Ashley's house?" Jennette asked me. "Long story short, she's my aunt and I live here now."
"Why?" Genie asked.; "I don't really like to talk about it." I told them. They dropped it after that. We talked for a little while longer, about, school, hobbies, and plans to hang out with each other again. Of course we all swapped numbers already. We were already planning our New Years party. "Like totes we shud------" but then the doorbell rang in the middle of my sentence. We all ran upstairs to get it but Ashley was already talking to some dudes and two chicks. She stepped aside to let them in, and she called me over. I saw Jennette and Genie go back downstairs.
Anyways when I was walking towards them I realized who they were. I couldn't scream or anything. I just kinda stood there in half shock half excitment. "Kristin, Nikki, Robert, and Taylor." she said pointing to each of them when she said their name. 'They're people too, relax.' I thought to myself. 'Yea, famous people!'
'Like your aunt?'
'True dat.'
This little mind conversation happened in like 2 seconds so no one even noticed. "Shane Parker, I'm Ashley's niece." I said giving the girls side hugs and the guys fist bumps. When I touched Rob it felt strange in a happy and good way. Like 'OMG I just touched Robert Pattinson!' I didn't look him in the eyes, I was to afraid. I have no idea why though. But I did to Taylor. I can practically read emotions like a Twilight book and when I looked in Taylor's eyes I could tell he was interested in me. Eh, I'd find some way to turn him off later...................but I have to admit, he was HOT.
"Are these all the people that are coming?" I whispered to Ashley. "Oh hell no! I told everyone else to come a little later. I wanted you to meet all the special people first." she said. loud enough that they all heard. "I'm special?" Rob asked in his cute British accent. "Special needs." Tayor mumbled. We all laughed "Oh he's not the only one around here." I said.
"Kristin, Nikki, I need your guys help putting up streamers in the living room." Ashley said. "You don't need man help?" Rob asked gesturing to him and Taylor. "You guys aren't even as manish as Miley Cyrus." Kristin said smiling. Nikki nodded her head in agreement. "Fine be that way." T aylor said smiling also. Man his teeth were white! "Why don't you two go play with the girls or something?" Ashley suggested. "Maybe we will!" They said in unision. "Come on Shane, let's go play dress-up and call our crushes!" Rob said in his girlyist voice. He did that hand thing and did a fake hairflip. "Oh my God, like totally!" Taylor said in the same voice. He took my hand and intertwined our fingers. We wentdown into the basement to find Jennette and Genie watching the behind the scenes of Jersey Shore. They turned around when they heard us coming.
"Look! I found Shane!" Taylor said letting my hand go. Is it bad that I was kind of upset when he did? "Woohoo!" I heard them say sarcastically. "Hey Jeni, Genie." Rob and Taylor said to them. "Hi." they answered back. We went over to sit with them but we sat on the floor. Jennette turned the T.V. off. "So what now?" Genie asked. I smiled devilishly. "We're gonna play truth or dare." I said.
Now THIS is gonna be interesting.
(authors note: ok so i forgot 2 explain the pics, so the pic of the girl is shane and the house was how i picture ashleys house looking. and this pic is of what shane is wearing for the party. so yea ummmmm i dont think theres anything else to say except for that if u guys hav any good truth or dares lemme kno!!!!! uhhhh yea comment plz! i love u all!!! and ps leme kno if u want a chapter dedicated 2 u!!!!

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