Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my second story written on Quibblo :)

Disclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and not Quibblo

By the way, this story had poor writing quality because I wrote it when I was around 11 years old, haha.

Chapter 3

Truth or Dare? (This one is for 'xX_Toxic_Xx'!!!!!!!)

by: MrsRadke
"Oh yes." Genie said, pulling her and Jennette down to sit with us on the floor. "Ok, there's only one rule.........what happens down here, STAYS down here. We clear?" I said quietly. Everyone nodded their heads. "Well Shane, you thought of it so you go first." Jeni said.
"Alright ummm.......... Rob, truth or dare?" I asked, eagerly awaiting his response. "Truth." he simply said. "Is it true've ever made it to second base?" I asked.
"Nice question, uhhh yes it is true."
"With who?" I asked leaning foward. "I'm not telling! Besides, it's my turn now." he said smiling. "Fine." I said crossing my arms. "Genie, truth or dare?"
"Dare, definately." she said confidently. "I dare you to burp as loud as you can right in Jeni's face." he said. She just laughed. She leaned over and opened her mouth. It was LOUD too. Jennette scrunched up her face and closed her eyes.
"You're so nasty Genie!" she said slapping her lightly. She laughed again. "Whatever.......ehhhh Jeni truth or dare?"
"Well I'm not doing any dares-(she gave Genie a blaming look)- so I guess it's truth." she said.
"What's your deepest darkest secret?" she asked her. Jeni looked down and put her hand on the back of her neck. "Ummmm I really don't want to answer, and I know for a fact that you all wouldn't want to hear it." she said sheepishly. "Then you're gonna have to do a challenge." Genie said.
"Well that's better I guess."
Genie went over to the corner and grabbed a gingerale. She shook it as hard as she could until she sat back down. "You're gonna make me drink it?" Jeni asked, raising an eyebrow. "You could say that." Genie said smiling hugely.
She popped the tab opened and it sprayed all over Jeni. She screamed a little, probably because it was so cold. "Ah! How the hell was that even a challenge?" she asked, looking pissed but like she wanted to laugh at the same time.
"I don't know, but it was awesome!" Genie said. I high fived her and continued laughing, along with everyone else. I must've been particularly loud though, because Jeni singled me out. "Well Shane since you think it's so funny, truth or dare?"
"Er, dare?" it came out like a question.
She motioned me to come over towards her. "Make Taylor feel extremly akward." she whispered in my ear. "That's all? That's too simple." I said out loud. "Maybe, but you have to do it exactly as I say." she said.
She began to whisper in my ear what I had to do."Oh no, you can't be serious!" I said. "I am, now do it." she said smiling. I stood up slowly and walked over to Taylor. I sat down on his lap, it was easier because he was sitting cross-legged. I twisted my hair a bit, then pressed up against him as hard as I could.
I started stroking his legs, "you're cute when you're passed out, you know that?" I said turning around to face him. His expression was priceless, he looked a little shocked, but if anything he looked happy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I could literally FEEL him getting excited. (If you know what I mean lol.) I felt like laughing but I also felt something else. I had a strange urge that I WANTED to kiss him.
So I leaned in and slowly let my mind takeover. It was a simple kiss but I felt that crazy feeling you get when you take the first drop on the biggest rollercoaster in the park. It was excellent! (lol I'm watching 'Wayne's World'.) Taylor put his hands around my waist, getting really close to my butt. I decided to give him a little more, so I opened my mouth as he opened his. I can't believe I actually WANTED to kiss him now, should I tell him I have a crush on him?
I could tell that he was going to French me but I pulled away before he could. "Now how'd that make you feel?" I asked getting off of him and going to sit back by Jeni. He blinked a couple times and opened his mouth to speak. "That.......... sucked." he said smiling. "Oh my God, liar!" I yelled smiling too.
"I'm not lying!" he retorted.
"Oh yeah? Then why............ nevermind I'm not even gonna say it."
"Good cuz I don't wanna hear it." he said looking straight-faced.
"Fantastic then." I said rolling my eyes and looking down. When I looked back up he was looking to the side but I swear I saw a small smile playing on the edge of his mouth.............

+ + + + + + +


+ + + + + + +

We pulled up to Ashley's house and rang the doorbell. She came and answered it, happier than usual. I didn't think much of it though. I heard a few girls in the backround and tried to see who they were; just then Ashley called one of them over. The other two went downstairs. Walking towards us was this girl, she had straight brown hair and a short, slim body. Ashley inched her fowards towards us. "Shane Parker, I'm Ashley's niece." she said. Her voice was the perfect tone to fit her.
She gave the girls hugs and Rob and me fist bumps. She looked into my eyes and I almost melted. I think she could tell so I quickly looked away. I'm not sure why but my mind drifted to the 'L' word...........'no! you can't be in love with her! you just met her!' my mind argued.
I saw her whisper something to Ashley. "Oh hell no! I told everyone else to come a little later. I wanted you to meet all the special people first." she said. "I'm special?" Rob asked. "Special needs." I muttered. They all laughed. "Oh he's npt the only one around here." Shane said.
"Kristin, Nikki, I need you guys to help put up some streamers in the living room." Ashley said. "You don't need man help?" Rob asked gesturing to him and me. "You guys aren't even as manish as Miley Cyrus." Kristin said smiling. Nikki nodded her head in agreement. "Fine, be that way." I said smiling. "Why don't you two go play with the girls or something?" Ashley suggested.
"Maybe we will!" we said in unison.
"Come on Shane, let's go play dress-up and call our crushes!" Rob said in his poor imitation of a girl's voice. He did that hand thing and a fake hairflip. "Oh my God, like totally!" I said in the same voice. I took her hand and interwined our fingers. She didn't seem to mind, so I squeezed her hand lightly. We went down into the basement and saw Jennette and Genie watching the behind the scenes of Jersey Shore. They turned around when they heard us coming. "You guys look! I found Shane!" I said, letting go of her hand. I wish I hadn't though.
"Woohoo!" they fake cheered. We went around and sat on the floor, too bad Shane went to go sit by Jennette. Jeni turned off the T.V. "So what now?" Genie asked. Shane smiled wickedly, "we're going to play truth or dare." she said.
The game went by quickly, I wasn't paying very much attention to it. I was thinking about Shane for most of the time. That was until Jeni asked her truth or dare. "Uhh dare?" she questioned.
Jeni motioned her to come closer, then whispered something in her ear. "That's all? That's too simple." Shane said out loud. "Maybe, but you have to do it how I say to."
She whispered something else into Shane's ear. "Oh no, you can't be serious!"
"I am, now do it." Jeni said smiling.
Shane stood up and walked over to me. She sat down on my lap, which was pretty strange to me. She twisted her hair with her fingers, then pressed up against me. HARD.
She was stroking my legs softly, "you're cute when you're passed out, you know that?" she asked. She turned around to face me. I was a little creeped out, but me being me, I get people saying strange things all the time. But I was actually happy about this. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and I think I got a little OVER-excited because............well let's just say that. She looked at my with many different expressions running across her face. Laughter. Happiness. Confusion. Desire. Akwardness.
More confusion.
I opened my mouth so slightly to say something but I closed it back up when I saw what she was doing. She began leaning in slowly so I did the same. Our lips touched, it was simple, but still amazing. I automatically put my hands around her waist, but slid them down a little so they were closer to her butt. I guess she like it because she opened her mouth. I have no idea why she was doing this but I'm glad she was. She was an amazing kisser too. I swear I could feel spraks, no, more than that, I felt the FIRE. I was just about to French her, but she pulled away too soon.
"Now how'd that make you feel?" she asked smiling and getting off of me. She went back to go sit with Jennette. I blinked a couple times, trying to re-cap what just happened. "Honestly? That............" I thought about what I was going to say. "Sucked." I said smiling. I didn't want to say how I really felt because she might not feel the same way. And I don't want to chance ruining the great friendship I know we're going to have. "Oh my God, liar!" she yelled smiling.
"I'm not lying!"
"Oh yeah? Then why............I'm not even gonna say it."
"Good cuz I don't want to hear it." I said.
"Fantastic." she said rolling her eyes and looking away from me. I looked over to the side and tried not to smile as I thought about THE best kiss I've ever had.
(authors note: srry this one took me so long! im not good at writing other POVs so like yea and also srry tht u guys r waiting for the party chapter, i promise u itll be the next one but i jus thought that this one shud be by itself. u guys kno how it iz lol. but yea umm next one will be up before 2011 and also if u guys hav any idea of wat shud go down at the party lemme kno! also one more thing, how was ur xmas? wt was the best thing u got? umm anyways bye...................SPARKLES! yea, thts u guys new name til february lol ;)
kk this is waaaaaaaay too long so stop reading and just RATE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!! btw the pic is Genie

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