Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Life is a Party, Especially When You're Ashley Greene's Niece (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

This is my second story written on Quibblo :)

Disclaimer: This story belongs to me, Ivana, and not Quibblo

By the way, this story had poor writing quality because I wrote it when I was around 11 years old, haha.

Chapter 7

Back to school from the holidays- January 10th

by: MrsRadke
+++++ SCHEDULE +++++
1st- History, Mrs. Spears
2nd- L.A., Mrs. Clarke
3rd- Science, Mr. Nunnzio
4th- P.E., Ms. Powers
5th- Enrichment
6th- Lunch
7th- Free period (band), Mr. White
8th- Math, Mr. Ferrell
* * * * * * *
Regina Rivers-
AGE: 17 (obviously)
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
EYES: insanely dark green, they look almost brown
NATIONALITY: Brazilian/ American, born in Cali
HAIR: dark brown but she dyes it really light brown
SKIN TONE: idk how to describe it, she kinda looks like a light skinned mexican? and im not racist i love everyone lol ;)
OTHER: captain of the girls volleyball and soccer teams. rlly biiiiiiiitchy, and every1 knos shes a $llllllut. she seems nice to some ppl at first but then ends up showin her true colors eventually
* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
I looked in my rear-view mirror and popped my collar. I took some lip-gloss out of my pocket and put it on, I smacked my lips. I put my backpack on one of my shoulders and just held my purse in my left hand. I jumped out of my maroon and gold Chevy conversion.
I kept my head high as I walked through the front doors of the building. I saw the office right away, I went through those doors and walked up to this young woman who couldn't be more than 30 in a purple shirt.
"You must be Shane Parker." she said. "You must be right." I said smiling. She went through a stack of papers and pulled out a manilla folder. She opened it up and started highlighting room numbers and the best hallways to take to get there.
"I think I got it all." I said after she handed me the folder. "Good, now your locker number and schedule are in there." she said pointing at my folder. "Alright, thank you." I said turning around and walking back out the doors. "Good luck!" I heard her say before the door shut.
I walked up the stairs to the juniors hallway. I was searching for my locker when I literally ran into Kayla. "I'm sorry------ oh hey Shane!" she exclaimed. "Hi Kayla, what are you doing here so early?" I asked her. "Oh not much, I was looking for you actually." she said.
"Oh." I answered back.
"Sooooooo need help with anything?" she asked me in a cheery-kinda voice. "Ummm if you could help me find my locker that'd be great." I said laughing slightly. She looked at my schedule quickly and pulled me up the hallway. We stopped in front of one of the many odd-out purple lockers. She glanced at my schedule for a few more seconds, then started to twist the lock, it popped open silently.
"Thanks Kayla." I said.
"Oh no problem, and by the way we have first, second, and lunch together so come sit by me okay?"
"Great, our history class is two doors down on your left." she said pointing.
"Alright, I'll meet you over there." I said, a tiny bit annoyed by her over-helpfulness. She left me with a smile. I started putting notebooks, textbooks, and folders into my locker. It didn't take me long to put everything away, so I closed my locker and walked slowly to my first class.
As I was walking I felt yet another person run into me, "hey, watch it freshman!" this girl shouted at me. "Excuse me, but I'm a junior." I said back to her in a calm voice. "Lookin' like that? You wish, hun." she said smiling evily. I almost said something but another girl came in, "Regina come on, we're gonna be late." she said taking her by the arm as they waked down the hallway. I just kind of stood there for a moment, I seriously hated being the new kid, because if she really knew me, she would know that saying something liked that could get her azzzzzs knocked out. But ya know, you gotta deal with it, and even if you can't, I always remember what my colorgaurd teacher taught us, fake it 'til you make it.
I walked into the room to have everyone stare at me, I walked up to my new history teacher named Mrs. Spears. I handed her my slip and she signed it, "welcome ahhhh...... Shane?" she asked me. I could tell she was somewhat Russian by her light accent. "Yes." I answered quickly. I went to go sit down at my new desk, which I hadn't noticed was right next to Jennette. She waved at me excitedly and flipped her hair. I didn't notice 'til now that she wore extensions, but I just waved back and stared ahead at the board.
* * * * * * *
The rest of the day went really fast, my classes were just okay, but I met a few really nice people that have a lot in common with me. I even met this really awesome kid at lunch, his name is Bobby, and he's obsessed with Michael Jackson too so we stood in the middle of the lunch room and started grabbing our crotcches. It was fun until the dean came over and threatened to write us up, but who cares really. Band was pretty cool too, I met this girl Lauren who plays the Sax also and we sit right next to each other, she's a sophmore but she is definately the coolest and smartest one I've ever met.
I only had one more period to go, it was math, I was actually pretty excited about this one because it's my best subject. I had gotten there a little earlier than most people so I was completely ready when the bell rang. I had gotten my slip signed and I went to go sit down at a desk since he told me to sit wherever. I was fixing my hair when I felt someone blocking the waves of my solar-powered vibe. I looked up to see a tall, un-natural brunette girl with WAY too much makeup on standing over me popping her gum. She looked a little filmiliar, but I didn't remember where from.
"That's my seat." she said in a fake-nice tone. "Yeah, ummm not really." I said in the same tone. She rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed. "Mr. Ferrell can you tell her to get out of my seat please?" she asked politely. I hope I was wasn't the only one who could see through her mask, appearently I wasn't.
"Regina, it's only a seat, and does it have your name on it? No. Pick another one." Mr. Ferrell. Okay, from the outside this guys looked like a really old teacher who hardly ever can hear what the students are saying, but he actually seems pretty cool. Regina! The girl that ran into my earlier, that's where I've seen her from! She glowered at me as I just smiled, she took a seat two rows over.
About an hour later, Mr. Ferrell was writing some practice problems on the board when my phone started to play my ringtone and vibrate in my pocket. "Hello hello baby, sorry I can't here a thing. I have got no service in my crib you say-say. W-w-what did you say, huh, you're breakin' up on me. Sorry I cannot here you I'm kind of busy........" I heard Shane Dawson sing on my phone. I just changed my ringtone last night to 'Telephone, Dude's Version.' last night. Mr. Ferrell turned around from writing on the board, "who's phone?" he asked. He couldn't really suspect anyone specifically cuz everyone was either snickering or singing along.
I raised my hand slowly, I would've gotten caught eventually anyways, I'm a terrible liar. "Ahhhh Ms. Parker. May I have your phone please?" he asked walking towards me. I took it out of my pocket and handed it to him. I thought he was gonna walk back and put it in his desk or something but instead he unlocked it and read the message out loud. "Hey Shae, smiley face. Wanna go to the mall with my and Ash on Thursday? You need a dress for this dinner thing she said we have to go to in a few weeks. And the text is from a........ Taylor Lautner." he said. He handed me my phone back and went to resume his position at the board. I just put my face in my hands and breathed in and ut heavily. I didn't want anyone finding out that I was related to Ashley becuase they wouldn't treat me right, or give me real respect. I peeked over to Regina's shocked face. For once, it looked like she had nothing to say.......... but then again, I was wrong.
She laughed loudly, but it was fake. "Why would Taylor Lautner want to go to the mall with you? Actually, the real question is why do you have to make up lies Shane? Huh? Is it to make some friends, cuz obviously you're not doing a very good job by youself. I mean come on, did anyone else see who she sat with at lunch?! They're all freaks!" she said in a high-pitched voice. I had a feeling she was just jealous, but that's no reason to talk about ANYONE. I mean, pick on me all you want but if you dare talk about my friends, well let's just say you're gonna be visiting this fun little place called 'the hospital' for a couple weeks.
"My friends are amazing people. And they like me for me, alright? Maybe you should try actually making a few sometimes instead of going to walmart and buying up all the freaking barbie dolls!" I shouted at her.
I hadn't noticed how quiet everyone was until we both stopped shouting at each other. I was trying to calm myself by cracking my knuckles, but it wasn't working how it does noramlly.
"Okay ladies, this has gone far enough! You're lucky I'm not going to give you detention for a week! Now shut up and work." He snapped. For an old man this guy was definately awesome. I almost was going to laugh but I could tell that this wasn't the right time or place to be joking around like that. Regina was grinding her teeth together, even though she had her mouth shut I could still tell by the way her jaw was set.
I just sat with a staright face as I coseed my arms and watched Mr. Ferrell's hand scribble profuriously across the board. I could feel Regina's eyes tattooing themselves to my back so I turned around quickly to look at her. She just smiled at me devilishly and mouthed the words 'attention whhho0o0r3' at me.
I couldn't believe her, she might've evened-out this round, but trust me. I don't stop the game til I WIN.
(authors note: i told u guyz it wud be awesum! haha who do u guys think truly one, shane or regina? comment plz! and alos i kno this isnt really like how the schedule is in highschool but this is my story and im doin it my way and im not even in high skoo 2 begin wit so how wud i kno in the first place. and like yea ummmm next chapter is gonna be awesum 2 so thatll be up within a week from today annnnnnnnd i think thts it! oh wait, my bday is coming up in like 3 weeks or 4 weeks or so (HAHA MY BDAY IS FEB. 12 AND TAYLOR LAUTNERS IS FEB. 11!!!!!) anyways, i cant think of any good party places, any ideas? leave in comments!
and btw the pic is regina

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