Arranged Marriage to the Werewolf King? Chapter 1

Again, something else I've been thinking about. It seems no one has written of it yet...

Chapter 1

To the Castle

My realm is at war. The enemy is resisting compromise, and seek to stomp out the rest of the werewolves. I am a werewolf, but a female. Female werewolves in this realm never phase into beasts, it isn't their job. Female werewolves look like humans essentially, while men are introduced to their wolf-selves during puberty.
Anyway, my kind are gentle unless challenged. The alpha-male (King Kaleb XII, in human terms) just lost his alpha-female (Queen Sophia (may she rest in peace)) to the vampire king Vladimir XVI. He is the most evil and vicious of any vampire we've ever known, he killed our queen and declared war.
Our territory doesn't have enough males, so it is ordered for every "active" family must give birth to more men. They aren't being forced or anything, our kind is more civilized than that.
King Kaleb is childless, and his wife is gone. Today is another "scouting" day for His Majesty to paruse the women. This will take place at the castle, in the ballroom.
And I'm required to go, with my three sisters.
I'm a descendant of one of the first werewolves, a Madden. I'm Violet Madden, and sisters are Daisy, Rose, and Lily. We are crowded into our tiny living room in our best dresses. The prices skyrocketed since the war, so they weren't all that nice.
"Are you ready to leave, ladies?" Mother asked. Father was out preparing the carriage.
"Yes, Mother." Lily answered.
Lily is the polite one. Rose is the pretty one. Daisy is the fashionable one. And I'm the reject Madden sister. I don't look like any of my sisters. They all have the rare genes; blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin. They are the desirable genes that are almost extinct within werewolf culture. They are respectable and elligible women in our society.
As I said, I'm the reject. I have mocha skin, dark wavy hair, green eyes and what my mother calls "a mouth". I don't censor my words, I tell it like it is. Plus I'm a bit curvier than my super model sisters. I am positive I'm adopted.
"Girls!" Father called from outside.
We shuffled outside, but I could barely move from this stupid corsette. These are so ancient! Why should I be impressive? I have a better chance of making the sea part than to catch King Kaleb's eye.
I climbed into the carriage (we have cars, but the warriors need them, so Father donated our Hummer for the cause) and rode to the castle.
"Ow! Mother! Violet just bit me!" Daisy complained.
"No I didn't! That was Rose!" I argued, "I saw her do it!"
Rose was laughing while Daisy started to hit her. Our kind are tough.
I sighed and looked out the window.
The suburbs outside the castle are not that great. Just wooden cottages squished together. I saw my people standing around a radio outside the produce store. They were probably afraid to hear the names of their loved ones being listed in the 'dead' or 'missing' list on nightly. These vampires must be stopped.
I soon saw the castle as it loomed over us. It was gothic with high granite walls and great stained glass windows. Turrets errupted from the walls. It had a dark atmosphere around it, one of mourning and anger.
Father parked the carriage next to another carriage and tied the horses up.
Rose wore pink, Daisy wore yellow, Lilly wore blue. They were all light, pastel colors that said "I'm cute, pick me!", they were also floor-length. If His Majesty was searching purely on blood lines, they'd be in the running.
I wore a smoky, mysterious maroon strapless dress that came to my mid-thigh. Actually, it was my homecoming dress from last month! Father hates this dress, so I wore it.
We entered the grand ballroom, which was covered with fine artwork and expensive things covered in gold (not silver, the only metal that hurts). Classical music was being played by a violin group accompanied by a harpist.
In a brief flash, I imagined my band playing a gig here with the amazing accoustics. I'm the singer in an all boys band called Beyonce Stole My Groove (isn't that the coolest name?! I made it up). We play clubs and bars on the weekends.
Anyway, plenty of beautiful, dignified women waltzed around in their old fashioned outfits. I ditched my embarrassing family to find my friends.
"VI!" Someone shouted.
I turned and saw Brooklyn and Willow in the corner waving. I went over there as quick as I could in these strappy, black leather edge heels.
"My, my, Vi. You look ravishing this evening." Brooklyn said in a fancy voice and toasted me with her champaigne glass. (We aren't old enough to drink, but who's stopping us?)
"Ahhh, daaarling, you look simply divine!" I mimicked her, "Where can I get myself a drink around here?"
As a waiter went by with a golden tray, she grabbed a drink for me. My stress level decreased dramatically.
"Willow, what's the problem?"' She was staring at something behind me.
Trumpets sounded, signalling His Majesty King Kaleb XII was entering. We curtsied as he walked by us.
King Kaleb was extremely tall, and buff. He could probably rip a 50 year olf tree out of the ground with those biceps as round as my head. His chest was wide and strong, like his shoulders. His skin was tan and hair dark as midnight. This was also desirable. Kids in the middle like me, Willow and Brooklyn weren't as desirable.
He walked with a stride that only an alpha-male had. He was the boss and anyone who stepped out of line was to be severely punished. King Kaleb sat on his ornate thrown and the party went on.

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