Arranged Marriage to the Werewolf King? Chapter 1

Again, something else I've been thinking about. It seems no one has written of it yet...

Chapter 2

Well... The Sea Has Parted

I admit, I've had one too many glasses. I am laughing loudly, I am saying things I usually wouldn't... But it's too fun and I'm not alone. Willow and Brooklyn are having fun too.
The trumpets sounded and we 'shhh'-ed each other with giggles.
"ALL ELIGIBLE WOMEN TO THE FRONT!" The man with the trumpet yelled.
I stumbled up to him with a serious face, "S-ir.. You shhhhhhould use your inside voice." I said.
"Will do, ma'am." He said with an eye roll and walked off.
"Jerk." I muttered.
Women were being called up one by one to be evaluated by the King. They were using full names... crap.
My friends snickered and I glared at them. I wobbled up to the King... and realized how gorgeous he was. He looked like a male model! HOT DANG!
I sat on his lap.
"I'm Violet, Your Majesty. I'm 18 and three quarters and I think you're very attractive." I said without pausing or slurring, but I felt really dizzy.
"Well, Violet, I think you've had too much to drink. I doubt you'll remember any of this, but I've been watching you and I think you're very attractive too." He said in a deep, rumbling voice.
"What do you say to us getting the heck outta here and having some fun?" I asked, running a finger down his chest. HE IS SO HOT!
"I will have to take a rain check on that, Violet, sweetheart. I have a lot of other girls to meet, but so far you are my favorite." He chuckled after this and I smiled.
"Don't miss me too much, kiddo." I said leaving into the crowd and blowing him a kiss. SOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
"Okay, let's get out of here." Mother found me and we all went home.
"Sticks and stones, deary." I slurred.
"You are grounded. Go to your room." She pointed upstairs.
Once there, I checked myself out in the mirror. Dang, I'm HOT! I look like a girl from those rap videos that grind anything they can. Of course, I'm more classy than that. I fell asleep
My sisters busted in once morning came and I felt like I just closed my eyes.
I groaned, "Can't you wait until sunrise?!"
"Violet! You sat on King Kaleb's lap!" Rose whispered in awe.
"You blew him a kiss!" Daisy added.
"Uhhh... I did what now?"
"At the castle last night! When you were called up, you sat on his lap! You say on His Majesty the King's LAP! What did you say?!" Lily jumped on my bed.
"I remember that the champaigne offered was exquisit... and mom yelling at me." I grumbled.
"Wow, Vi. Wow." They said together and left my room.
Sounds like I had a pretty sweet night. I flirted with King Kaleb while I was wasted and didn't get executed for it.
I just got back from a gig at the Luna Marie (local pub) and it's 2am. No one is home of course, my parents work the late shift and my sisters take advantage of that. I took off my flannel, so I was just in jeggings and a cool John Lennon shirt.
A note was posted to the front of my door, nailed to it actually. It was the royal stationary...
#Royal note# Addressed to Violet Viveline Madden,
I have chosen you as my new queen.
Please join me at a private banquet to celebrate.
You've won me over with your exceptional beauty and... charming personality.
King Kaleb XII
HO-LY CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! What is Henry going to think? Yes, I have a boyfriend and I love him. I'm not leaving Henry (the drummer of our band)! We're in love! And some drunken incident with the King isn't going to change that.
I'm not going.
My mother naturally read the note... and fainted. Once she woke up she screamed "VIOLET VIVELINE! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!" She screamed and hugged me. Father just smiled.
"I'm not going."
The celebration stopped.
"Why?" Father asked.
"I'm in love with Henry, nothing can change that."
"But--" Mother started, "This could be such a good thing for all of us, Violet!"
"God, Mother! You are so selfish! I don't want to be queen!" I stormed out of the house.
Well great. It's snowing and I only have grey jeggings and a peach sweater on, and my mocasins didn't provide much warmth for my feet either.
Just keep moving, I told myself. Go to Henry's! Great idea, self! I'm so smart.
I braved the snowstorm all the way to Henry's. He'll make me feel better, he'll warm me up. Everything will be fine once I am in Henry's arms.
My usualy entrance to his house is via his bedroom window, so I went there, around the house.
I can't feel my body, but I know I'm shivering. Henry will help----
He was making out with a girl on his bed. He's on top! I knocked on the window. They both looked as I flipped them the bird and cried.
Well, there's nothing stopping me now! Henry is a--- more tears came to my eyes.
I trudged through the dark streets to the castle. I hate my family, my EX-boyfriend... Where else was I supposed to go?
The iron gates were closed this time, and locked. I squeezed myself through the freezing bars taht were just big enough for me to fit through and continued up the path to the big wooden doors.
These doors were three times as tall as me, I noticed timidly as I knocked three times. My shivering was to violent it hurt.
A butler opened the door and I thrust myself at him in a hug while I cried hysterically.
"Excuse me, but... Who are you and how did you get through the gates?" He asked as he closed the doors.
I just cried, well, I bawled as well as screamed. I couldn't bare this intense heartbreak and betrayal. We've been together for 4 years! How many of those years was he unfaithful? A drunken flirt with the King was nothing compared to this.
The butler awkwardly pat my back as I clung to him.
"What is the meaning of this?" A deep, gravely voice asked. I heard heavy footsteps approach.
"Your Majesty, this.... girl... got through the gates, knocked on the door and threw herself at my. She seems distraught." He explained.
"DISTRAUGHT, AM I?! DID YOU JUST WITNESS YOUR BOYFRIEND OF 4 YEARS MAKE-OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL?! THEN SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!!" I ran off up the grand staircase blindly. What an insensitive (insert bad word here)!
"Miss, you can't go up there--"
"Nigel, I'll take it from here." The King said and followed me.
I didn't make it far, just to the top of the stairs, before I cried to myself on the floor.
The love of my life cheated on me. That's all I could think about. I need a shot of Jack Daniels.
A giant warm hand rested on my back and that made me stop shivering.
"Your Majesty..."
"You're 20 hours early for our dinner date."
"I wasn't going to come because I have... HAD a boyfriend. That made my parents mad so I left the house and I thought my EX-boyfriend would comfort me but then I saw him kissing another girl and then I came here because I didn't know where else to go." I choked out.
"Sounds like you've had a rough day." He felt my hair.
"Yeah." I sniffled.
"Do you want some ice cream?"
I nodded. He said the magic words.
Without warning, he picked my up like a rag doll, supporting me easily in one arm as he held me to the side. It wasn't that big of a surprise, he can probably lift 200 pounds or more with those guns of his.
"What's your favorite kind of ice cream... kiddo?"
"I vaguely remember calling you that. I'm never going to drink again. I like chocolate moose tracks."
"That's my favorite too!" He said while laughing.
"I also vaguely remember telling you that you are very attractive."
"You did, and I clearly remember telling you the same. You are incredibly beautiful."
"Don't you think you're robbing the cradle, Your Majesty?"
"I'm 25, you're 18 and three quarters. That isn't bad."
Just then the ice cream was dealt to us at the kitch island. We ate in silence.
Is the werewolf king really flirting with me? Do I want to be queen, even if it means marriage to someone I am not in love with?

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