Little Choices Part 1

I need one comment to write the next part.

Chapter 1

The mistake

by: Lisalez
"Mom, can I go to K.C's party?" I ask once again an hour before the party so I'd have just enough time to get ready.
"For the last time no, I don't want you over there. She's to much trouble and i don't want you hanging around her. Her mom is a lut and has stip poles in each bed room and i don't want anyone like that hanging around you " Mom answers trying to give me her mean look. I think about earlier that day when i was with Missy.
"If she says no. Tell her you wanna sleepover at my house and we'll sneak out together." she had said. I thinking this was a great idea had agreed and was going to just that.
"Well, than can i at least stay over at Missy's while your away?" I whined.
"Okay, but just the next 3 weeks." she said heading out the door. I followed her out my stuff already packed.
I walked over to Missy's house. As soon as i got to the door it opened Missy's older le$ twins sisters standing there looking at me.
"Hi Lilly!" Jaycey said looking straight at my bobs.
"Uhh, Hi." I said creeped out. The parted and i ran up stairs to Missy's room to get ready. Before saying hi i changed in Missy's bathroom when was ready i stepped out and noticed Missy wasn't in her room. So I looked in the the twins room and there she was dancing on the pole.
"Dude what are you doing?" I said looking at her in almost nothing. She stepped toward me and graded the strap of my dress.
"Something i should have done a long time ago." She pushed me on the twins bed and then whistled. I started get up the twins came in and pushed me down.
"We have to go to the party." I yelled to her.
"Well, to bad were just going to have to miss it. You better stay or i'll tell your mom that you went to stay over at K.C.'s house after she told you not to." She said looking at me with an evil grin. I couldn't do anything if she told i would be grounded for life and since Missy new all my dark secrets i would be grounded past my life.
"Okay, you can do anything you want to me." I said before noticing my mistake. The twins ran into their closet and got out some ropes. Missy walked to the door and locked it then walked over to me.
"Take you dress off now." she ordered. i took it off leaving only my underwear since the dress had a built in bra. Missy took my underwear off with licking my Puss all around. The twins went on each side of me droping the rope and started licking my bobs.
Missy stuck her tounge in my puss and went as far as she could go.


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