who will you marry?(part 55)

Chapter 1

The Rescue(part3)

. You open ur eyes as you feel jhoony release you and he runs behind the bushes you follow him and are a little stunned and scared when you see jhoony standing over a guy who has still has a knife in his throat as blood begins to pour trickle out the wound and his eyes are wide open but he cant speak. His eyes say everything though, fear ,pain and uncertainty as he see you. Are u going to kill him? you whisper to jhoony your lips barely moving as you continue to stare almost as if ur in a trance at this guy is slowly dying before you, for you had never seen anyone truly die right in front of you. He stands completely still his eyes are emotionless as he whispers with tears in his eyes I cant do this I swore I would never kill again, then his eyes turn to pity as he continues looking at the guy saying but I cant leave him to suffer like this no one deserves that. His eyes become hard as he kneels before the guy whispering im sorry before pulling the knife out his throat causing the blood to flow out faster spilling upon ground like red wine as he shudders violently once before he takes his last breath. He closes the deceased guy’s eyes crossing his arm over his chest before standing up and dusting his pants off as you stare at this scene with horror and a little bit of disbelief at what you just witnessed. Why? you say quietly to jhoony as he comes over to you, his tone becoming harsh as he says, you think he would have showed us anymore mercy then we showed him pointing to the knife sticking out of deceased guy’s sleeve with his foot, before wiping the blood off his own knife and making it disappear. Come on he says taking ur hand pulling you away from the scene. saying who knows how long it will be before they find this person then they will realize what were trying to do so we must hurry up now, okay. Looking up into those eyes, those huge green eyes you find yourself trusting him again as he touches your cheek with his finger tips ever so gently making ur heart melt before he touches his forehead to yours whispering to you,” I promise you everything is going to be okay”. smiling at you he lightly brushes his lips over yours before you and him disappear into the castle hand in hand to find your missing friend.

Walking into the castle you are amazed at it vastness as you fight the urge to hurry ahead as you hold ur plate of food carefully. Keeping your eyes down like jhoony told you giving you the look of a meek servant. You keep going up the steps as dawn constantly scans the floors you pass for any sign of Shawn. Anything yet? you ask dawn mentally, for the third time no she says irritably asking me more often is not going help me find him any faster. Sry dawn you murmur softly, but I got bad feeling like something not right and the quicker you find him the quicker we can get out of here. Well you should of thought of that before you decided to go into enemy’s castle without a weapon and not telling anybody where you were headed dawn says sharply. You make it to the next floor and you see a young girl in a torn dress with bruises up and down her arms being dragged down the hall by two burly guards. Please let me go she cries tears steadily streaming down her face I promise to be good little girl from now on. One of the guards stops turning around as he smirks looking her up and down saying of course you will. Your horrified and angry as you realize what these guards intend to do, you feel an hand gently but firmly hold you back by your arm whispering I know what your thinking but, don’t do this it will blow our cover. Your already past the point of no return, your so furious that guards are allowed to engage in such depravity. If they think you are going to let them get away with this they got another thing going, jerking your arm free you all you can see is red as you grab the first guard by the throat activating your vampire form with little effort. The other guard turns to attack you when he sees that you have his partner but goes down quickly with a knife to the back of the head. You like picking on young girls do you? You growl at the solider as you lift him higher by his throat making breathing harder for him as he whimpers as his face begins to turn blue from lack of oxygen and he tries to grab his weapon but he cant. Im sorry he mouths but you feel no pity for him once you know what he was about to do. death shall be your forgiveness whisper before snapping his throat letting his dead body slump to the floor. The young girl is still on the floor her wide open tears still streaming down her face you kneel beside her saying, are u going to be okay? You try to touch her but she flinches away looking down. Jhoony hurries up to you grabbing you by the arm roughly saying we got to go right now, that little stunt you pulled probably alerted every guard on this floor. Thank you, the girl whispers to you before fleeing down the stairs, jhoony sighs handing you the plate of food

And you make it up to the next floor, he here on this floor you here dawn say, you try to tiptoe down the hallway and are about to open the first door when jhoony stops you saying if you do that your going to invite more trouble and your making enough noise to wake the dead. He puts a finger to his lips motioning for u to be quiet and point to his ear motioning for u to listen.

Closing his eyes you take a deep breath and listen and you here the faint sound of 2 people talking Smiling you nod in understanding taking off your shoes and tiptoeing lightly down the hallway and you motion that ur going to check around the other side. You peek around the corner and you see a guy talking with a guard and the guy is handsome in a roguish way, he is tall and dark haired but he looks familiar in odd way as if remembering a dream. All the sudden he looks toward you and you hold ur breathe as you look at those eyes they seem to truly see you for what you truly are but u also see loneliness and hurt behind those eyes. Then all the sudden you here a soft but gruff voice say, what are doing here? Blinking twice you come back to reality and realize that the handsome guy is standing in front of you, and here you are standing here gawking up at him like an idiot. Do I know u? you say quietly, he smiles down at you his eyes lighting up, before leaning down toward your ear whispering I don’t think so, for I think I would never forget such a beautiful, charming young lady such as yourself. The sound of his voice is so charming,calming and reassuring, you close your eyes trying to place the voice when it finally clicks he was the one that was in your room that night when she had that terrible nightmare the one who held through the night and whose kiss still haunted the dreams.

You open your eyes and he gone, then jhoony races around the corner yelling, run!!, with two guards in hot pursuit opening yourself to your angel form you aim 2 balls of light at the guards they crumple to the ground as jhoony runs past you before stopping to catch his breath. What happened? you say quickly they found the bodies he says between breaths. Damnit you curse out loud, it gets worse he says several of the guards were chasing after me and those two motioning to the dead guards were the only who followed so the others probably went to get reinforcements. As soon as he says that you hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Hurrying down the hall you run right into a guard so you take off in the opposite direction only to run into another which jhoony takes out easily as you try to check the doors for any magic shields, he got to be here somewhere you think. You run away from another guard who chases you and jhoony and you somehow end up in a dead-end. Your so tired from all that running you doubt you could concentrate enough to use your powers
and jhoony says im out of weapons, any ideas? you say laughing nervously backing away from the guard that is slowly walking towards you with knowing smile on his face as you begin to think that maybe this wasn’t a good idea, when you hear the faint sound of chain rattling coming from the door to your left. You begin praying for a miracle when the guards eyes widen with a surprise look on his face as he falls forward with two arrows in his back. Shane, what are u doing here? Jhoony says nervously as a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. I was just about to ask you the same thing cuz I could have sworn I said no one was to do anything to rescue Shawn.


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