Return of the Best Friends..... The Jonas Brothers!!! One X

ok finally finished after twikin it for a while hopfully the next chapter will be better than this one, but it'll lead into it

Chapter 1


"We are the ones, we get knocked down, we get back up and stand above the crowd, we are one" Blasting through the my car, just leaving the hotel off to see Ryan skate thank god, cuz i couldn't stay up with everybody, not that i suddenly hate everybody which i would be out off friends that they are the only ones i actully trust and with me and Nick's yelling fest, I left the following day cuz of that and called Ryan that i was coming down to see and hang out with him. but anyway everybody had to do some final touches on the movie anyway and said that they me up afterwords, then i felt my phone vibrating in my pocket, losing my train of thought and tuning down the music "Hello""Hey you" Ryan said into the phone it's amazing how much i love to hear his voice
Ryan's P.O.V
After having to come early to the vagas championship to practice, i'm bumed that i missed Em's Tounament a few days ago and havin her come down later but it's good we'll have alone time afterwords it was a madhouse up there, she seemed so interested in everyone else and a little tense but shruged it off and not worry about it. I got to the building for the championships and headed inside, i heard my name and saw my fam waving at me and headed over "he guys happy to see yea""no problem we're always wanting to see you at these things" my mom said giving me a hug and so was everyone else we got talking for a few minutes and noticed that Emily's parents and the rest of the guys to so i headed over "hey Chad Hey Mary-anne" I said "hey ryan haven't seen you in a while" she said giving me a hug "yea i know it's been a while""sup dude, i see you not running away this time" Chad said "oh right" i laughed a bit and talked and brought my mom over so they can catchup and so i can call Em, i grabbed my phone and dialed her number "Hello" god i love that voice, i thought to my self "hey babe are you comin or what" "yea i'm on my way right now, don't worry""good just to let you know your parents are here and the rest of the band""What are they doing here?" She said as i started laughing "why are you laughin?""it's just how you said it, it was amusing""only you can think that" i heard her giggle "i'll see you in a bit""alright love you""Love yea to bye" i said i hit the end Button and off to go practice

Nick's P.O.V
With putting last touches on the movie and Emily left a few days ago and bugging me that she's not around "I can't believe i did that, i ruined all up why did have to show off" I yelled to my self "you know your really annoying and worring me with all that talking to your self" Rachel said next to me "oh you could hear that?' i asked embarresed "no it wa just the wind talkin, Plus you just screwed your chance being with her" she said with a smirk "how'd you know i liked her?""not hard to notice that when she isn't looking, you stare in awe and laugh at every little joke she crakes and lastly your always there when she needs you" See said really getting into it "wow, you've done this before haven't you""yea i have, and ur still screwed" she still havin that smirk on her face "can you just stp saing that cuz that is not helping" starting to get fustrated "look lets just get what we have to do here and......" she said getting cut off by Kevin running over next to us "ok... i have to tell you guys something" he said catching his breath "and what would that be?" Rachel and I said in at the same time........


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