You're all i have and i really love you but Sakura is just a fan-girl (a Sasuke Uchiha love story)(read intro)

hey guys I thought the beginning of this up after watching Naruto last night.then i had a dream that made up some of it,but not the whole story.COMMENT PLEASE!!!!!

Chapter 1

Childhood Love

by: careXbear
Name: Hira Uzumaki (naruto's sister)
Village:Hidden Leaf (duh,Naruto's sister)
Appearance:blue eyes,blond hair (dyed silver) (her hair is very curly,and cut in bangs over her forehead,and her headband over her bangs)
Personality:a little weird,mean,shy,playful,makes easy friends (although she choses not to do that all the time)depressed,very VERY strong
Friends:Naruto,Sasuke (everyone else she just deals with them when she has to.except sakura,she hates her)
Powers:A lot,she has more than Naruto and Sakura,but less than Sasuke (but not much less,fighting and learning always came natural to her)Sasuke has his snake controlling,and you have your Spider controlling
Others:Was Sasuke's girlfriend until he went on his journey with Naruto and Sakura.they kept in touch until he left to learn from Orochimaru for 3 and a half years.

"Hahaha" you laugh, rolling in the Autumn leaves. You and sasuke are playing outside in the leaves."Yah!" he yells,throwing more leaves on then pick up handfulls and throw them at him.You both are laughing.(I know,weird for Sasuke,but this story is based on a girl that makes sasuke happy.) "Do you know what time it is Sasuke?" you ask. "It's 4:00 p.m." "oh,well then i have to leave at 7:00 p.m.Mom will get maddd" you say. "Ok then." he says.(you two are about 12 years old right now.) "aww..." you say "i dont wanna go home." you say. "i dont want you to either,but have to get back to your home." he says. "i really dont want naruto coming over here to beat me up for keeping his "little sister" out past curfue." he says. "I AM ONLY YOUNGER THAN NARUTO BY 5 MINUTES AND HE KNOWS THAT HE JUST LIKES TO SHOW OFF!!!!!" (lol unless you haven't figured this out yet, you and Naruto are twins.) "Hahaha but yes,Naruto does have a big temper,but he cant really fight as good as he thinks." "hahaha,got that right" Sasuke says,pulgyou up from the leaves and kicking them off of you.Then you hug him and say "thank you,sasuke." then put your head on his shoulder."You're welcome,Hira." "I-i..." he trails off. "What Sasuke?" then you look up into his eyes. "well,i..." he says. " you" (yes,children can REALLY understand the meaning of love!!) "I love you too." you say.just then,he leans his head forward,your lips touching his.your faces moved with the other's,making it perfect.after about a minute,he brakes the kiss,looking into your eyes."you say you try to not make yourself look pretty like the other girls?" he asks. "yes" you reply. "Well,you fall perfect without even having to matter how much make-up they put on,they'll never be as beautiful as you." he says. "Aww...thank you,Sasuke.well-umm,you aint that bad looking wither." you turn your head over your shoulder "actually,he's really hot" you whisper. "hahaha, im hot?" he asks. "umm,yah,i guess.i was sorda hoping you didn't hear that..." you say. "heh heh." you laugh. "hey,wanna train together? right now.come on, just you and me." Sure!! training is one of my favorite things to do!!!" "ONE of your favorite things to do??" he asks. "Well,next to spending time with you." you say. "'s my two favorite things put together...AWESOME!!!!!" "Yah!!" he yells. "Sasuke, come here for a minute,mom needs you." says Itachi, walking outside. (by the way, you and sasuke have known each other for a long time now,because of that one time you ran away from your house because you were sad,and found his home.) "ill be right back,Hira." "okay then,Sasuke." then he kisses your forehead, running inside.Itachi is still outside,crossing his arms,leaning against the wall,raising his eyebrows. "well then,i see my little brother has a girl friend." he says. "finally.apparently,all the girls around here weren't good enough for him." "Hahaha...yah.umm,ok then??" you ask,nervously,and embarrassed.You are grateful that Sasuke and Naruto are the only ones that can tell when you're embarrassed,or sad,or happy,or any emotion that is strong in general. "okay mom,ill spend some time with Itachi after Hira leaves." a few seconds later "yes,yes mom.i understand how much spending time with Itachi means to him." he says.Then he walks outside,striding over to you. "Hey" he says. "Hey." you say. "Ready to train,Sasuke style?" he says. "Hahaha.Hey,Sasuke,she's a real good fighter,too.almost as good as you." says Itachi. "Yah,i know that." Sasuke says.Then you guys train.About an hour later... "Hey,Sasuke,i have to leave's 5:30." "aww...really?" he says. "yah,really,Sasuke." "well ok then,i'll see you tomorrow after school,then?" he asks. "Yah,most definitely." you say.then he kisses you,putting one arm against the wall,one around your back,making it impossible to get out of his grasp,and you really dont want to..after about 3 minutes,he brakes the kiss again."okay,i have to leave now." you say "okay then,bye Hira.i love you" "i love you too,sasuke.

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