Being a vampire isn't as easy as it seems

this is 4 u sabrina!!! merry christmas!

Chapter 1


I finished the last bit of cat blood for the day and let the cat run off. I wiped my fangs and let them go back into my gums. Im Sage Asher. I have black hair with red highlights and brown eyes. My skin is very tan, which is uncommon for a vampire if you follow those stereo types, but the stereo types are untrue. A vampire can have any complexion. You just have to move to a place that can give you a tan. It's relatively easy. I started walking towards a bar since it was already 2 am. i know I know, you're probably thinking "If it's 2 am, then why a bar?", well I live off one night stands. I can't find a job where I won't get tempted to bite someone, but if I go to someone's house and bite them and they die, I can just live there until someone finds out they're dead and sell the house. It's not the best life, but it's easier considering the fact I'm a seductive vampire. I walked up to the familiar glow of the bar lights. I walked into the bar. This is the first time i've gone here. I'm hoping to illiminate (sp?) all the bars before I go to clubs. Most people at bars get too drunk to remember if I've been there yet.

I see a man who is relatively muscular. He had a blonde curly hair and blue eyes. I had a good one tonight. I walked up to the man and nodded.
"Good taste in drinks..." I said.
"Well anyone would know Coors light is the good stuff" he said kind of dazed.
"Im Sage, what's your name?"
"Wanna make out at your place?"
"You bet"

you can see where it went from there.

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